June 16, 2014

Design Advice & Pepper Spray Drones – Tweets

We present our twice-monthly snapshot of interesting tweets in the technology for global development space. For up-to-the-minute updates from E4C on Twitter, please follow us at @Engineer4Change.

Practical Action lives up to its name with a tweet about an article calling for more local development, gardens and public transportation to improve the quality of life in the city.

We’ve seen drones in rescue and aid missions, drones as satellites delivering the Internet to rural regions and now this, drones deploying pepper spray to save wild animals from poachers. Are drones the most magical new thing in global development? Let’s just give that a hard “maybe.”

Solar Aid tweeted a practical but often overlooked tip for design for global development: talk to the people who will use the products to find out what they want and need. This was one of the points made at Business Fights Poverty’s expo shared on Twitter.

Alec Hay, an adjunct professor at the University of Toronto’s Centre for Resilience of Critical Infrastructure, tweeted this tip from IEEE Canada’s International Humanitarian Technology Conference in Montreal.

Two useful links from two of E4C’s contributing editors, Linda Raftree and Jordan Schermerhorn.

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