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Rob Goodier

Drones and other robotics for social good: Five questions with Andrew Schroeder

February 27, 2017

Three robotics labs in Tanzania, Nepal and Peru put aerial drones into the hands of citizens to augment humanitarian...

Rob Goodier

Chris Ategeka Interview – Five Questions

December 21, 2014

When Chris Ategeka delivered two of his bicycle ambulances to a village in rural Uganda, the vehicles were so...

Rob Goodier

World Maker Faire Technology Showcase

September 23, 2014

Fascinating, curious people who love to learn gathered at World Maker Faire this year to share what they have...

Rob Goodier

Surveillance Drones for Conflict Zones

September 16, 2014

Carrying just a single camera, surveillance drones have a light payload, but they also have to lug around a...

Rob Goodier

Design Advice & Pepper Spray Drones – Tweets

June 16, 2014

We present our twice-monthly snapshot of interesting tweets in the technology for global development space. For up-to-the-minute updates from...

Scott Anderson

Amazon may drone on about unmanned delivery, but developing countries will be the first to benefit

February 12, 2014

As intriguing as the Amazon drone, the Prime Air, was in its reveal (let’s call it what it is:...


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