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UV Light Can Make the Indoors Safer During the Pandemic – If It’s Used Correctly

September 11, 2020

Editor’s note: The author, Dr. Karl Linden, conducts research into water and sanitation technologies that meet basic needs in...

Rob Goodier

Three devices in development now could improve health in India

May 17, 2016

Health care and air quality in India and other emerging economies stand to improve in the near future with...

Rob Goodier

Upgrading electronics with paper cards smooths the work to digitize medical records in rural Uganda

April 28, 2016

Mobile devices that replaced paper records in rural healthcare in Uganda have recently had a much-needed upgrade back to...

Christopher Ategeka

Lessons Learned Running Mobile Clinics in Rural Uganda

April 14, 2016

Chris Ategeka has been delivering healthcare services in rural Uganda since 2011. First by bicycle ambulance, then by mobile clinics...

Randy Schwemmin

Smartphones, Healthcare & Development

March 17, 2015

Sure, the smartphone is rapidly changing health care in the developed world. We can do so much from the...

Jordan Schermerhorn

Three health technologies for the best Mother’s Day ever

May 11, 2014

There is no greater gift on Mother’s Day than ensuring that mother and child are both safe and healthy,...

Rob Goodier

A home-grown bike business rolls out emergency health care in Uganda

April 20, 2014

Unpaved roads and a lack of vehicles don’t stop bike ambulances and a new pilot program for mobile clinics...

Rob Goodier

RFID cards could streamline rural health care in developing countries

November 7, 2013

A teetering stack of documents on a storage-room shelf can pass for a medical record filing system in some...

Rob Goodier

Ten Rural Healthcare Technologies

August 5, 2013

Engineering research labs are churning out a solid line up of low-cost medical devices for health care in developing...

Rob Goodier

Ten medical devices for off-grid healthcare

August 19, 2012

Power is scarce at medical centers in some of the world’s rural developing communities. Clinics with intermittent power, or...


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