Tag: Solar Cookers

Rob Goodier

Solar cookers make a surprise appearance on Nepal’s trekking routes

December 10, 2013

Smoke frames the memories of the trail for trekkers in Nepal. It rolls from a yak-dung fire warming a...

Rob Goodier

Himalayan solar cooking comes to the city

June 19, 2013

Solar cookers designed for nomads in Western China could also barbecue meat and veggies in American backyards and elsewhere...

Rob Goodier

Solar Fire’s beautiful concentrators: An open source secret

June 22, 2012

Production stopped at a small solar concentrator manufacturing facility in Burkina Faso when the stockpile of anodized aluminum ran...

Rob Goodier

10 Solar Cookers That Work at Night

February 4, 2012

The solar cooker is finally getting a practical overhaul. With few exceptions, solar cooking has been a disaster that...

Rob Goodier

10 things you can do with sunlight

December 28, 2011

Sunlight: it’s not just for charging calculators anymore. In off-grid communities and developing countries, people have found inventive ways...

Rob Goodier

Challenge: Make a solar cooker that works at night

March 1, 2011

Solar cookers solve real problems in health and conservation—they promote better air quality in the kitchen and healthy forests...


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