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Pallavi Bharadwaj

No More Access Denied: Providing Sanitation to India and 4.2 Billion Worldwide

November 19, 2019

Today is World Toilet Day celebrated by the United Nations and WASH practitioners all around the world. Growing up...

Josh Kearns

Forget the cutting edge embrace the old tech future

August 29, 2014

This solar array is part of a high-tech toilet prototype that converts waste into biochar. It works, but it...

Rob Goodier

Banka BioLoo: Biotoilets are tough on waste in India

May 18, 2014

India’s sanitation problem needs a powerful, but low-cost solution. Half the country, or half of a billion people, lack...

Mike Mader

World Toilet Day: Global Branding at Zero Cost

July 17, 2013

About this Webinar: In September 2000, world leaders came together at United Nations in New York to adopt the...

Mike Mader

RevoLootionary: Designing sexy toilets and markets to deliver them

September 11, 2012

About this webinar: Over 80 % of Cambodians do not have a latrine; well-meaning subsidies have depressed demand for...

Rob Goodier

E4C visualized: Poop and the $42 million challenge to reinvent the toilet

September 7, 2012

Poor sanitation is one of the biggest killers and causes of sickness in developing countries. Overflowing pit latrines, a...


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