October 29, 2017

Gallery: Impact.Engineered in Photos and Tweets

For three days in October, 2017, Impact.Engineered honored engineers and product designers, advised startup founders and amplified the role of engineering in solving global challenges. The event featured some things that may have never been seen before in this space. Engineers with the titans of business such as Tesla and Google and representatives from international aid organizations and the United Nations shared a stage with founders of fledgling startups, such as Kenya-based PayGo Energy. Engineering for Change is proud to have hosted the event with one of our founding partners, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

These snapshots capture some of the emotion and excitement of the event, and the tweets below share impressions from attendees of Impact.Engineered.

Impact.Engineered Tweeted

And the winner is…

Tips for Startups Overheard in Workshops


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