April 7, 2013

EWB-USA’s Global Innovations Forum – Tweets

Leaders in developing technology for sustainable development took the stage April 6th for the Engineers Without Borders – USA Global Innovations Forum. Chapters and other participants watched the event’s live stream online and interacted over Twitter. We heard the message of sustainability through reciprocation, design, business model and scale repeated in thoughtful speeches and tweetable sound bites. The forum included case studies in the work by Bridges to Prosperity, the Sunblazer solar trailer project by IEEE’s Community Solutions Initiative and EWB-USA’s Greater Austin Chapter. We also heard from representatives of iDE, iCATIS, and the eminently tweetable commentators, Bernard Amadei and Paul Polak.    These are some of the forum’s best moments on Twitter.

Since 1985, small businesses have sold 1.5 million treadle pumps to small-plot farmers in Bangladesh, Tim Prewitt, CEO of iDE said. The pumps irrigate farms and improve crop yields and farm incomes.

Marcos Reiner at iCATIS updated us on the MK Kiln, which burns more cleanly than other kilns and has the potential to do other work simultaneously, such as generate electricity.

Bernard Amadei was on a tweetable phrase winning streak. Whenever he took the microphone, mini eruptions of tweets and retweets shook the #GlobalForum hashtag.

Frank Bergh crafted some interesting paraphrases of the speakers and he also tweeted introspective questions during the conference.

Benjamin Mapes hit on one of the conundrums of our field.

Ray Larsen filled us in on the Sunblazer solar trailer project. For a run-down, here’s our coverage of the plan.

Paul Polak has a distinctly capitalist view on how to pay for development work. And judging by his own organizations, he is doing something right.

Bridges to Prosperity builds foot bridges in developing countries. This is one reason why it matters.

We included this for its important perspective.

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