December 1, 2014

Ebola, Toilets & Tech Talks – Tweet Roundup

We present our twice-monthly snapshot of interesting tweets in the technology for global development space. For up-to-the-minute updates from E4C on Twitter, please follow us at @Engineer4Change.

Ned Breslin at Water for People tweeted this new article at BMJ that reports that social media campaigns helped disseminate accurate information about Ebola and debunked hoaxes.

This article made a ripple on Twitter when two organizations that deliver smartphones to Africa, including a new one called Apps Against Ebola, responded publicly to the author, and the author stood by the opinion that these questions need good answers before anyone dumps hardware in Africa.

This factoid comes courtesy of Iana Aranda at E4C, who tweeted it from the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves’ Future Summit.

Twitter wrinkled its nose on November 19 under an onslaught of poo- tweets in honor of World Toilet Day.

Jack Sim has a lot of interesting things to say about sanitation.

These recommendations come from representatives of ANDE who led our latest webinar, Impact Inventing.

This year’s International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition featured keynote addresses from thought leaders in engineering for global development. E4C’s President Noha El-Ghobashy tweeted highlights from the talks.

And another in a month of conferences, Iana reports from TechCon.

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