September 2, 2014

How the Maker Movement Boosts Local Business

Makers around the world are launching small businesses, feeding their families and creating jobs. Makerfaires and other DIY events in Africa feature technologies from aerial drones and $10 robots to water-bottle furniture. Here’s an interesting look at the fair in Cairo if you missed it.

Maker events, with their scrappy ethos and sometimes remote locations have emerged as unexpected incubators for appropriate technologies. And a cottage industry of tools has risen up to support the maker culture. Now it’s easier than ever to use rapid prototyping tools. Here is a rundown of tips to get started.

Even 3D printers may be poised to take off in developing countries. And if you have more time than money, make your own machining tools from recycled parts.

This infographic by The Grommet shows how the maker movement can improve local business in the United States. The same can be said for developing countries. Have a look, and if you can’t see it well just click it for a larger version.


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