October 8, 2019

Kenya Introduces the World’s First LPG Smart Metering Standard

The Kenyan Bureau of Standards launched a new standard for LPG (liquid petroleum gas, or propane) metering that represents a world first for the technology. Officially titled “Meter for dispensing liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) from cylinder” (KNWA 2885:2019), the standard is the first of its kind globally. The introduction of the standard and the growth of LPG-focused technology companies in the country puts Kenya at the forefront of LPG cylinder metering innovation, the Petroleum Institute of East Africa (PIEA) said in a statement.

“The standard aims to give consumers the convenience of purchasing LPG in pocket-friendly quantities at any particular time,” says Boniface Juma, Secretary to the LPG Technical Committee who led the standard’s creation. “Requirements included in this standard – to mention but a few – include ATEX certification, a European Union Directive that requires health and safety protections for equipment being used in potentially explosive environments and a third party certification to confirm suitability for use in explosive environments.”

The standard legitimizes the nascent industry and enables compliant companies to commercialize their technologies, according to PIEA’s statement.

“The standard has validated the safety of this innovative technology… We can now move to making LPG the primary cooking fuel in Kenya and East Africa, and in so doing save the lives of thousands of mothers and children whilst protecting our forests from further destruction,” says Wanjiku Manyara, General Manager of the Petroleum Institute of East Africa.

Public- and private-sector stakeholders developed the standard, including the Kenyan standards bureau and the private energy company PayGo Energy. PayGo Energy’s Cylinder Smart Meter is the first meter on the market to fully comply.

“Many of our customers are first-time users of gas, making in-home safety all the more important. We are proud to have achieved the highest level of safety compliance with our ATEX certification. With this certification we can officially launch our Cylinder Smart Meter in Kenya in the coming weeks” says Nick Quintong, CEO of PayGo Energy.

Paygo Energy won the 2016 American Society of Mechanical Engineers ISHOW in Nairobi, Kenya. Part of the reward included access to ASME grant and mentoring support that enabled it to further develop its Cylinder Smart Meter. This video reveals more about the technology and the competition.

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