May 20, 2022

Meet the winners of ISHOW India 2022

This Wednesday, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Innovation Showcase (ASME ISHOW) India announced its 2022 winners.

Three winners were chosen from eight finalists to split (USD) $30,000 in seed grants and they will receive technical support in their work to bring
their innovations to market. We’ve introduced all eight teams and their interesting devices at the link below.

ISHOW India 2022: Discover the Eight Finalist Technologies

And the winners are…

The Internet decided which team would be the “fan favorite,” and the verdict is InoHeal, a device in development by the startup Inochi Care. The InoHeal multi-therapeutic system  improves the healing of wounds that are difficult to heal.

According to its creators, the technology “would be able to heal and overcome the challenges of halted wound healing by exudates’ removal, reducing inflammation and edema, enhancing cell proliferation and tissue perfusion, and controlling microbial growth.”

InoHeal was also a favorite of the judges as it is one of the three winners of ISHOW India.

Another of the three winners is Open MedDev’s Insuflo. This open-loop insulin pump for type-1 diabetes patients is designed to be affordable to patients in vulnerable communities. In the words of its creator, Insuflo is expected to bring down fixed costs significantly.

And the third of the winners is ThinkRaw’s Dhivara Mitra. This system streamlines aquaculture with solar-powered sensors and other technology. Dhivara Mitra helps in the uniform distribution of feed and maintains uniformity of dissolved oxygen levels in the water along with maintaining pH levels.

“Social enterprises, now more than ever, need the support of the global impact community,” Iana Aranda, Director of ASME’s Engineering Global Development sector that houses ISHOW, and President of Engineering for Change, said in a statement. “Social entrepreneurs around the world, including many ISHOW ventures, are on the frontlines of crisis response and the advancement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We are fiercely focused on providing these innovators with accessible platforms for capacity building, expert engagement and co-design of scaling strategies suited for today’s dynamic markets. Ensuring their success is of paramount importance.”

To date, ISHOW has enabled over 190 startups from more than 30 countries to solve critical quality-of-life challenges for vulnerable populations worldwide.

ISHOW is supported by The Lemelson Foundation.

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