December 17, 2011

Our kite aerial photography camera rig scores on Instructables


This is a popular thing. Photo credit: Rob Goodier

The world is on the look out for a cheaper aerial photo. Droves of perspective seekers in the DIY community at Instructables flocked to our plans for a remote-controlled camera rig to fly on a kite. Thanks to Wil Cao, who shared his photos of the build and explained how he did it.

Wil and his team at Engineers Without Borders – USA used a modified version of this same rig to take aerial photos of a construction site in Cambodia. The photos helped them get to know the area where they built a levy for a flood-prone river near a rural village. The rig is professionally tested and highly customizable. Have a look.

This is our second foray into Instructables. Our first guide there shows how to build an institutional cook stove from handmade bricks. Take a look at those instructions, if only to see a rarity online: Pencil-and-paper sketches.

The DIY community at Instructables is huge, and we’re proud to share the projects that our members make. If you have a suggestion for making our next guide, let us know in the comments.

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