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May 30, 2016

The iShow in Kenya According to Twitter

In photos, sketches, facts and less than 140 characters of commentary, tweeters documented the Kenya leg of iShow by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Here are a few of Twitter’s highlights.

The kick-off art, tweeted here by E4C’s director Iana Aranda.

ASME DEMAND’s tweet coverage was brought to you by the magazine’s editor, Jessica Pothering.

And iShow’s tweets were typed by phone (but not phoned in…) by Iana, doing double duty.

The tweeter here, Rob Goodier, is E4C’s managing news editor and also the typist behind E4C’s tweets.

One of the presenters weighs in.

This lovely artistic depiction of the day was brought to us by Noel Wilson at Catapult Design.

And the winners are…

The day after the contest the three winning R&D teams received expert consultation and review.

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  1. wanyoiker says:

    Missed this!! Sad.

  2. wanyoiker says:

    Is it possible to get further info or contacts of the participants who showcased their innovations?

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