July 27, 2012

Tweet roundup

Notes from a base-of-the-pyramid design webinar, the best inventions from collegiate design programs, how to break out of the design process mold and other stories… This is our latest roundup of tweets from the international community.

We tweeted highlights from our latest E4C Webinar: Design with the base of the pyramid, led by Saul Garlick, CEO of ThinkImpact. A recorded video of the webinar will be available soon on our YouTube channel.

Slideshows are some of the best ways to make a long story short, which is why they’re so well suited to the Internet’s short attention span. FastCo.Exist’s eight photos capture the gist of some of the important innovations by college design teams. E4C’s content strategist Iana Aranda tweeted the link.

That’s the eye-catching start to Catapult Design’s blog post called “Four ways to break the design process mold.” Catapult’s blog posts are succinct and instructive and they’re often relevant to designers of sustainable and appropriate technologies. We highly recommend the blog.

A UN report praises fisheries and aquaculture as solutions to global food insecurity, but it lists a host of problems that are plaguing the enterprises. Some have cultural and political solutions while others may have technological fixes. Our friends at iDE tweeted the link.

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