May 27, 2013

Tweet roundup: It’s back

Our news staff went on vacation for most of this month and put the Tweet Roundup on a temporary hiatus. We’re back and digging through tweets to highlight interesting news on technology for international development. These are a few of the stand outs.

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Africa’s largest solar plant opened in Mauritania this month. It has nearly 30,000 thin-film solar panels that produce 15MW of electricity, a $32 million project by the Abu Dhabi-based power firm Masdar.

We have a bit of an obsession with bicycles in general, and also Low-tech Magazine rarely disappoints.

Ushahidi launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund its device that keeps people online even when service is spotty. The BRCK could be an exciting upgrade for the Internet in developing countries.

To feature this tweet about our own webinar is admittedly self serving, but we’re proud of our webinars and we were honored to host Dr. Pritpal Singh and Maria Virginia Moncada to talk about their tele-healthcare project in rural Nicaragua. You can see their presentation on our YouTube channel. And, of course, what would Twitter be without a little self promotion and narcissism?

People in developing countries have been slower to adopt digital money than people may have once predicted. Some cultural issues may explain why.

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