3D printed mold for rubber prototypes
August 16, 2018

Video: Effective, Low-Cost Prototyping

A Silicon Valley saying is “Never go to a meeting without a prototype.” A prototype magnifies the value of almost any idea. From simple sketches to full working models, prototypes can help investors, partners and employees understand and buy into an idea. Prototypes span the spectrum from proof-of-concept creations taped together from cardboard or foamcore, to products assembled from custom 3D-printed parts. Here we present two recorded webinars on low-cost prototyping.

First, IEEE’s Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology (IEEE SIGHT) released this video on low-cost prototypes that convey an idea to stakeholders.

Next, Ryan Vinyard, formerly at Highway1, presents this fascinating demonstration of how to bring ideas to life with low-cost materials: Prototyping on a Budget, a recorded E4C Webinar.

For more prototyping insight, please see E4C’s online training module on how to prototype and test your design. Now, make something useful!

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