Decarbonization Through Digitalization in the Transport and Habitat Sectors

An Impact Research project to support VDI in conducting research and propose recommendations for reducing environmental impact in transport and habitat sectors. Sponsored by VDI and ASME

Decarbonization Through Digitalization in the Transport and Habitat Sectors

This project aimed to explore potential fields for climate action in order to meet the 1.5-degree warming target identified in the Paris Agreement, investigating decarbonization through digitalization. The research focused on the habitat and transport sectors, which are two of the strongest contributors to global emissions, jointly accounting for approximately 34% of total global greenhouse gas emissions. Due to its high potential for emissions reduction, digitalization and the application of digital technologies are expected to be key drivers for sustainability and efficiency enhancements in these sectors.

Through in-person expert interviews and intensive desk research, this project identified and assessed the challenges, weaknesses, and potential of these technologies. It also proposed general recommendations for the partner institutions (ASME and VDI) and other organizations and companies to meet current climate challenges by enabling the implementation of digital technologies, energy efficiency increases, and education of young professionals.

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