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Martin is an Industrial Engineer at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since its early stage, he has focused his career in Project Management for Sustainable Development with a specific interest in sustainable cities and sustainable energy in developing countries. He has worked in multidisciplinary and multicultural projects in the fields of housing, urbanism, energy, water, and education. He is currently pursuing an MSc in Sustainability Technologies and dreams to work in high social impact projects in Latinamerica and Africa.

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Martin Ignacio del Pino In 3 Questions

What inspires me the most is making a meaningful impact in the world. I specialize in projects that address global social issues, prioritizing both the well-being of communities and the health of the planet.

I am passionate about addressing global challenges through systemic approaches, including climate action, circular economy, and the housing deficit.

Thriving in multicultural environments, collaborating with individuals of diverse backgrounds, interests, and aspirations.

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