Global Recycling Standard Certification for Recycled Carbon Fiber and Composite Recycling Database

An Impact Research project to support Vartega in the Research and planning for GRS certification for carbon fiber recycling business. Sponsored by The Autodesk Foundation

Global Recycling Standard Certification for Recycled Carbon Fiber and Composite Recycling Database

In recent years, it has been observed that enterprises must demonstrate a commitment to environmental sustainability, protecting natural resources, and diverting material from waste streams. In the recycling industry, Global Recycled Standard (GRS), which was authored by Textile Exchange has become increasingly popular and sometimes becomes a hurdle requirement for companies to enter specific markets. Similar to the International Standards Organization (i.e., ISO standards), GRS has a series of requirements that an applicant needs to satisfy. Thus, this research project partnered with Vartega is pertaining to contributing to Vartega’s mission of obtaining a GRS certification for their carbon fiber recycling business by conducting research on the certification process and developing a plan to achieve this.

It has been recognized that Vartega’s core business, which is recycling operation on composite materials, is eligible for a GRS certification, and a series of requirements listed in such standard were identified. A certification body, Scientific Certification Systems (SCS Global Services) has been appointed, and an exhaustive checklist of required documents regarding the GRS certification has been obtained.

While Vartega is preparing to demonstrate compliances and SCS will be conducting the site audits, the focus of the project has later shifted to creating a database mapping the existing composite recycling companies to assist the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA). A Google form was created, and an introductory email was drafted to be used as a means for requesting information from the composite recyclers in the industry.

Future works regarding the GRS certificate include completing a full set of policies in accordance with the checklist and preparing for SCS’s on-site audits. This certificate might allow Vartega to sell their low cost recycled carbon fiber to the Chinese EV market to reduce the overall emissions in the vehicle industry.

Logos may be used for Global Recycled Standard certified products

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