Improving System Management of Inventory Material Return for Circular Economy

An Advancing Workflow project to support The Industrial Commons - Material Return in developing the inventory management system to streamline workflows and visualize inventory information. Sponsored by The Autodesk Foundation

Improving System Management of Inventory Material Return for Circular Economy

Material Return, part of The Industrial Commons, is an industrial enterprise that creates high-quality products from textile waste. The goal of this project was to develop an integrated process for inventory management that would streamline their current workflows and provide visualization of their transactions and processes. Additionally, an improved system would provide more data security, reduced manual effort, and better integration with other systems.

After reviewing the main process workflows and establishing design specifications for the new system, alternative solutions were evaluated against these specifications.

Odoo was selected as it allows Material Return to visualize all of its inventory information, maintain traceability, and document procedures. To implement the system, servers were purchased, a private IP was created, and the system was adapted to reflect the inventory and manufacturing processes as modules within the Odoo system. The system was then tested and reviewed by the partner for approval. Documentation was developed and shared with the partner to ensure proper knowledge transfer to the partner so that they are able to continue to utilize this system going forward.

Main view of Odoo system implemented as a solution for Material Return. Attribution: Odoo and Christ Stefany Ruiz Ortiz

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