Populating Climate Technology Database for Multiple Technology Types

The main objective of this project is to further build out CRANE, a tool used for assessing the emissions reduction potential of innovative technologies.

Project Overview

Project Description

Rho Impact, in collaboration with Prime Coalition, has created CRANE™, an open-access and free tool built for anyone assessing the emissions reduction potential of innovative technologies or companies. Rho Impact is now gearing up for a major push to further populate CRANE’s databases for multiple technology types. These new models will be trustworthy, robust, and open. Currently, there are approximately 200 public models. In 2024, Rho Impact is planning to further increase the number of solutions by at least double, ensuring comprehensive industry and solution coverage, and making accessible a deeper data set relevant to avoided emissions for screening, due diligence, and reporting. The project will leverage a forthcoming commercial database of high-resolution factors in development at Rho Impact.

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Designing core taxonomic definitions at the level of granularity appropriate for CRANE’s use cases
  • Ensuring the taxonomy system is compatible with third party data to facilitate inclusion of external data into CRANE
  • Targeting and populating data of approximately 500 additional technology types that map to existing and planned CRANE models, through secondary research and utilization of Rho Impact’s datasets
  • Reviewing technical and scientific papers for the purposes of numerical modeling – focused on the life cycle environmental impacts of industrial and other systems


This project squarely aligns with Rho Impact’s goal of removing barriers for investors and operators to incorporate emissions reduction potential (aka. avoided emissions, scope 4 emissions, expected emissions reductions) into their core decision-making, reporting, and other existing processes. By enhancing the leading open-access software tool and dataset for evaluating new climate technologies focused on investors and founders (CRANE), this project will be a critical contributor to the mission of finding efficiencies to direct capital to the most promising solutions.

Eligibility Criteria

Skills / Experience:

  • Required:
    • Data Analysis + Statistics
    • Research
    • Technical Writing and Documentation
  • Desired:
    • Process Design
    • Chemical process design, fabrication, and analysis
    • Energy Systems design + analysis
    • Demonstrated passion for sustainable technologies and exploring complex systems.
    • Experience with performing scientific literature reviews and aggregating data/findings from various sources to develop new insights.
    • Familiarity with life cycle analysis work and concepts.
    • Comfortable working with prototype software and data science tools (data science experience is nice to have but not required).

Software needs:

  • Excel and/or Google Sheets


  • An advanced degree (or working towards one) in a STEM program with research experience. Exceptional candidates with a humanities background will also be considered. A bachelor’s degree may be considered if the candidate has research experience and meets all other qualifications.

Preferred fellow local experience (all projects can be completed remotely):

  • Any

Time zone compatibility (when the Fellow should be available for meetings):

  • PDT/EDT (UTC-7 – UTC-4)

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