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The (B)pack is a portable biogas storage system that connects to biogas cookstoves.

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Product Description

The (B)pack by (B)energy is a portable energy storage system designed to store biogas when connected to a biogas digester. The storage pack’s modular design operates through pressure equalization between the backpack and any biogas digester. The backpack straps allow transport of the (B)pack to facilitate the sale of biogas. When used for cooking the (B)pack is connected to a biogas stove and the gas is pushed out by placing a weight on the bag.


Market Suggested Retail Price


Distributors / Implementing Organizations

This product is distributed by (B)energy

Manufacturing/Building Method

The Biogas Backpack is manufactured on a per demand basis at their facility in Ethiopia.

Intellectural Property Type

Patent Protected

User Provision Model

Users can obtain the product/service directly from (B)energy, through their website, email, or phone inquiry.  

Distributions to Date Status

Output energy product


Average daily biogas production (m3/day)

1 m3/day (maximum storage)

Description of waste source(s)

Animal manure or food waste

Waste input requirements (kg per hour or day)

2406.53 kg/day (maximum output)

Description of other input requirements

External pressure resistance of 30 daN and internal pressure resistance of 0.5 bar

Other input requirements (amount per hour)

Made for 2-4 hours of cooking, limited permeability of 0.0029% methane/hour

System dimensions (m)

1.6 x 2.0 m

Design Specifications

The Biogas Backpack has a width of 1.6 m and a length of 2.0 m. The product weighs 3.5 kg and has a capacity of 1 m3, and  is equipped with a ball valve and 2 backpack straps. The biogas backpack can be filled with gas produced by separate methane tanks, where animal droppings or food waste are added. Once the tank produces enough methane gas, the gas can be piped out via metal pipes or other tubing and transferred into the balloon-like Biogas Backpack, which can be carried on your back like a backpack.

Technical Support

Provided by the manufacturer.

Replacement Components

There are no replaceable components.


Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

Designer specified performance targets for the Biogas Backpack include: wearable, portable, and low-costThis storage system was designed to have a limited permeability of 0.07% methane/day.  

Vetted Performance Status

TÜV safety tests were performed on the (B)pack.


Potential hazards related to the operation of this product include transporting flammable gases. Stored outside, protected from UV and Sharp objects

Complementary Technical Systems

A reliable biogas source is required to use this product. Complementary (B)energy biogas products include the (B)plant for biogas production, and a (B)flame for a complementary cookstove.

Academic Research and References


Compliance with regulations

 The (B)pack is TÜV tested, thus certified to be safe for the storage and transport of biogas.

Other Information


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