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IBUKU Pemulung Housing Project

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The Pemulung Housing Project is a compound housing designed by IBUKU to create healthy, organized living spaces for garbage collectors in Bali. Each house is a module with main living spaces, a mezzanine sleeping area, and a storage room for recycled mate

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Product Description

Danone commissioned the Pemulung Housing Project as part of its corporate social responsibility project. It aims to provide healthy, organized housing compounds for pemulung, “waste pickers,” in Bali. Each module has a living space on the first floor, a mezzanine for sleeping, and a storage room for recycled materials. The compound has 18 housing units, several bathrooms, a kitchen, and common areas. It is made out of bamboo and recycled materials. The bamboo is used for walls and flooring, while bottles and Tetra Pak packaging are used in the roofing and insulation.

*Please note that building designs are being included as “products” in the Habitat Sector of the Solutions Library to allow readers to learn from how projects were designed and constructed and how they are serving the occupants, whether effective or ineffective.

Target Users (Target Impact Group)

Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Designed and implemented by IBUKU

Manufacturing/Building Method

It is constructed on-site using local bamboo and locally recycled materials.

Intellectural Property Type

Select Type

User Provision Model

Danone commissioned the project as part of its Pemulung corporate social responsibility project.

Distributions to Date Status

N/A because IBUKU Pemulung Housing Project is a unique building design.

Unique Design (Yes/No)


Intended number of occupants (#)

Duration of construction (days)


Footprint area (m²)

Number of storeys

Flammable flash point temperature (ºC)


Thermal insulating capacity (m²*K/W)

Bamboo has a slightly lower thermal insulation than wood. Tetra Pak packaging is a good insulator.

Maximum wind speed (km/h)


Structural Occupancy Category


Seismic Design Category

Bamboo has a high seismic resistance due to its flexibility.

Suitable Climates


Design Specifications

The construction of the compound required 3500m of bamboo for the floor and walls. The project is made with Petung bamboo, which can be found all over Indonesia. The project also uses recycled material that the pemulung already have access to including Tetra Paks for the roof and insulation, and water bottles for the windows. The techniques used are simple, allowing the users to replicate the design when they move back to their communities.

Product Schematics

Technical Support

General contractors or technicians could perform repairs because of the simplicity of the design and the use of local materials.

Replacement Components

Individual bamboo sticks, water bottles, and Tetra Pak roof tiles can be replaced individually. The water bottles and tetra packs are readily accessible for the pemulung, who work recollecting such recycled material.


IBUKU's bamboo is calculated to last a minimum of 25 years.

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

IBUKU aims to provide a well-organized, healthy space where pemulung can temporarily reside, improving the local population's opinion of garbage collectors.

Vetted Performance Status

IBUKU tests their structures on scaled, handcrafted bamboo models. The company tests the bamboo at labs in Jakarta and Singapore to determine the density and the treatment absorption.


People working on the construction are subjected to the risks it entails; heights, heavy objects, tools, among others.

Complementary Technical Systems

A complementary technical system could be a solar home system.

Academic Research and References

None found.

Compliance with regulations


Other Information

The Pemulung Housing Project is part of a larger project empowering Pemulung in Indonesia.

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