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Jal-TARA Water Filters

The Jal-TARA Water Filter is a community-sized biosand filtration system in India.

Developed By
  1. TARA
Tested By
  • SGS India
  • TARA Environment Monitoring Facility, India
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Product Description

Jal-TARA Water Filter is a community-level biosand filtration system designed to remove pathogens and turbidity from drinking water.

Target SDGs

SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being

Market Suggested Retail Price


Target Users (Target Impact Group)


Distributors / Implementing Organizations

TARA Technology and Action for Rural Advancement (TARAenviro) or TARAlife Sustainability Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Competitive Landscape

Direct competitors include Tech-Jal.

Manufacturing/Building Method

al-TARA filter is manufactured in Delhi, India. Interview with representative

Intellectural Property Type


User Provision Model

Customers can contact the implementing organization for a quotation of the product. Once the agreed amount is received by the manufacturers, the product is dispatched to the user. Interview with representative

Distributions to Date Status

More than 300 as of July, 2018. Interview with representative

Target use case

Community use

Manufacturer-specified flow rate (L/hr)


Bacteria reduction

Removes Log 4 (99.99%) E. coli.  Also removes Faecal Coliform and Streptococci with an efficiency of Log 2 – Log 3 (99 to 99.9%).

Protozoa reduction


Virus reduction


Heavy metals and/or arsenic reduction


Maximum recommended influent turbidity level (NTU)


Effluent turbidity levels (NTU)

Removes 99.99% Turbidity

Manufacturer-specified volume between cleaning (L)


Material of construction

Synthetic fibre filter, sand, and pebbles

Design Specifications

Jal-TARA is based on slow sand filtration technique. Two types of filtration processes take place: physical filtration which prevents organic matter, silt and mud particles and biological filtration scavenges and breaks down unwanted pathogens and organic matter. Jal-TARA removes bacteria and turbidity up to log scale 2-3.

Product Schematics

Technical Support

Two personnel will be trained for operations and maintenance of the filter by the manufacturers. A user instruction manual is also provided.

Replacement Components



Jal-TARA can run for 15 years with proper maintenance and cleaning of fabric filter and top sand layer. The fabric filter requires cleaning twice a year.

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

Jal-TARA removes iron to within permissible limits as per Bureau of Indian Standards (0.3 mg/L). Full efficiency of the water filter is achieved after 10-12 days of installation. Cost of water per litre (0.15) by Jal-TARA is less than other water purification systems.

Vetted Performance Status

The product field tested by the manufacturer and laboratory tested by TARA Environment Monitoring Facility (TEMF) to reduce bacteria and turbidity by 99.9%.


Jal-TARA required cleaning of fabric filter and top sand layer. Fabric filters require cleaning twice a year for water with turbidity 10-15 NTU.

Complementary Technical Systems

Water pump and safe water storage

Academic Research and References

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Compliance with regulations

The product complies with the Indian drinking water standards for turbidity, microbial contamination and iron.

Evaluation methods

The product has been developed and tested in a nationally accredited laboratory (NABL) and certified by SGS, India. Interview with the manufacturer

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