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Modular Houses

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Fábrica Social de Viviendas produces prefabricated houses that are modular to adapt to the needs of each family.

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Product Description

Fábrica Social de Viviendas is a company that produces prefabricated modular houses, mainly with wooden structures. The houses are modular to adapt to the needs of each family and can be deployed in a few weeks. The products look to tackle the housing needs in Latin America. It is an initiative of TECHO, a major NGO that works in urban settlements in 21 countries of Latin America and has already constructed more than 10,000 solutions.

Market Suggested Retail Price


Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Fábrica Social de Viviendas is the main producer. The product has been implemented by TECHO.

Manufacturing/Building Method

House components are produced with an industrialized method that improves quality and productivity and then they are assembled on-site.

Intellectural Property Type

Select Type

User Provision Model

The product is both commercialized in urban settlements with the possibility of using an inclusive financial support and also distributed and constructed by volunteers of TECHO network.

Distributions to Date Status

More than 10,000 have been produced and constructed in LATAM as of August 2021.

Unique Design (Yes/No)


Intended number of occupants (#)

5 people 

Duration of construction (days)

21 days to 56 days, depending on model

Footprint area (m²)

18 m² to 50 m²

Number of storeys


Material composition

Pine wood structure. Reforested and treated

Flammable flash point temperature (ºC)


Thermal insulating capacity (m²*K/W)


Maximum wind speed (km/h)


Structural Occupancy Category


Seismic Design Category


Suitable Climates


Design Specifications

The modular design allows easy adaptation to the needs of each family. The products have 4 main designs but new modules can be added. The 4 designs are: 

  1. “Premium house”: 40 m² ; 2 bedrooms ; bathroom and kitchen + living room. 
  2. “Happy House”: 26 m² ; 2 bedrooms ; bathroom and kitchen + living room. 
  3. “Elevated Happy House”:  26 m² ; 2 bedrooms ; bathroom and kitchen + living room. Constructed over pillars. It is beneficial for land with risk of flooding.
  4. “Tiny House”: 18 m² ; 1 bedroom; bathroom and tiny kitchen.
Further technical specifications: 
  • Reinforced concrete slab floor, 6 cm thick.
  • Galvanized sheet roof, with the possibility of using sheet with expanded polyurethane (additional cost).
  • Fibre cement walls, waterproof and fireproof material, with a reforested and treated pine wood structure.
  • Hinged windows, of the same material as the walls.
  • Insulation of the roof made of aluminized membrane or 8 mm thick OSB-type wood chipboard plates.
  • Three-phase electrical installations: main board, low-consumption warm LED spotlights, outdoor lighting fixtures with low-consumption LED spotlights, electrical outlets, connection for air conditioners, electric shower.
  • Bathroom and kitchen sanitary facilities with a waste treatment system with a prefabricated septic chamber and waste absorption ditch. This system prevents leaks of contaminated water into the subsoil and is removable.

Product Schematics

Technical Support

It is possible to visit a prototype located in Asunsción (Cruz del Chaco 360) and speak with technical experts.

Replacement Components



70 years with basic annual maintenance. The company also offers a two-year warranty for construction problems.

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

The company aims to providing an agile response to the demand for housing in Paraguay and the region. It aims to provide housing solutions that can be expanded over time, with affordable financing arrangements.

Vetted Performance Status



Safety hazards related to these houses relate to the proper maintenance of the electrical and water installations.

Complementary Technical Systems

Connection to the electricity grid, water network and inbound logistics.

Academic Research and References

Mitchell, A., 2016, Evaluación de impacto del programa de vivienda de emergencia de TECHO – Argentina, Report, Universidad Catolica Argentina, Argentina.

Compliance with regulations


Other Information

You can view a gallery of the houses on Fábrica Social de Viviendas' website.

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