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ovSolar Home Power

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A solar home system with a solar panel and a battery that can light up to 5 lanterns, mobile phones, smartphones, radios and a TV.

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Product Description

Launched in 2017, ovSolar Home Power system provides home lighting through an energy system composed of a solar panel, a lithium-ion battery and lumen lamps. Designed by ovSolar, this system powers multiple lamps (up to 5) with three-level brightness (200/100/10 lumens) for over 76 hours of lightning. It has 2 integrated USB ports that enable universal charging of mobile phones, smartphones, radios and a TV system. Pay-As-You-Go functionality is also available.

ovSolar operation and production center is located in Shenzhen and Guangzhou in Hong Kong, China.


Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Manufacturing/Building Method

Mass customization in the ovSolar operation and production centers in Shenzhen and Guangzhou in Hong Kong, China.

Intellectural Property Type


User Provision Model

Users can purchase the product from the manufacturer.

Distributions to Date Status

There is no information about this specific product, however, according to ovSolar over 2 million people in areas without electricity have benefited from their products that include various model (ovPilot, ovBeacon and TD100) solar lanterns.

Description of power outputs

2 USBs

Description of light points

5 LEDs

Total lighting service (lumen-hours per solar-day)

15,200 lumen-hours per solar-day

Peak power rating (Wp)

8 Wp

Battery capacity (kWh; mAh)

20,000 mAh

Nominal battery voltage (V)

10.8 V

Battery type

Lithium ion

User replaceable battery (yes/no)


Remote system diagnostics (yes/no)


Payment structure


Mobile service required (yes/no)


Design Specifications

Design specifications include the solar panel, battery and solar lamps. The solar module is a polycrystalline silicon panel with 8 Wp of maximum power point. The battery is lithium-ion type with 3,7 V of nominal voltage and 8000 mAh capacity. Fosera lamps are LED type and have various light outputs: 200 lumens/100 lumens/10 lumens.  

Technical Support

Technical support is provided by the manufacturer.

Replacement Components

The product has a 2-year warranty covering manufacturing defects, however, according to Lightning Global the battery is not easily replaceable with common tools.


The product warranty is two-years, including the TV. The expected lifecycle is unknown.  

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

ovSolar works to promote solar energy lighting in regions lacking electricity in a safe, environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. The company has actively taken part in the Lighting Global Quality Assurance Programme launched by the World Bank and IFC, designing products that aim to keep the balance between quality, performance, features, usability, and affordability.

Vetted Performance Status

A Solar Home System composed of a 49 Wp maximum power polycrystalline silicon panel and 10,8 V and 20 Ah capacity lithium-ion battery connected to 5 light points, the Fosera TV, a basic mobile phone and a smartphone has the following running hours after a typical day of solar charging (5 kWh/m2/day): When used separately: The 4 lights of 2000 lumens in total are powered for 12h, the 500 mA torch for 450h, the 24'' Fosera TV for 12h, the basic mobile phone (3,7 Wh) for 34 h and the smartphone (5,7 Wh) for 22h. When used in combination: The 4 lights of 2000 lumens in total are powered for 7,5h, the 500 mA torch for 7,7 h, the 24'' Fosera TV for 3,7h and the basic mobile phone (3,7 Wh) for 2 h. The smartphone is not specified. Complete vetted performance in the Lightning Global assessment here.


The Solar Home power is a "plug and play" device, however, electrical installation and control guidelines provided by ovSolar must be followed to avoid electrical shocks.

Complementary Technical Systems

ovSolar commercializes a 24-inch TV screen that can be connected to the Solar Home Power system.

Academic Research and References

There is no academic research on this specific product, however, the this paper gives a review on solar home systems for rural electrification:

Chaurey, A., Kandapal, T.C., A techno-economic comparison of rural electrification based on solar home systems and PV microgrids. Energy PolicyVolume 38, Issue 6, Pages 3118-3129. June 2010.

Compliance with regulations

This product meets the Lightning Global Quality Standards for Solar Home System Kits. Valid until the 31st of March in 2020.

Other Information

Some of the awards won by ovSolar: 2016: ovSolar won the Outstanding Social Caring Organization Award, benefiting over 2 million people at areas without electricity. 2015: ovSolar products were approved by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and won the bidding of the project named "Aiding the globe with solar energy products". 2014: ovSolar won the bidding of Origin Energy PNG and established a long-term partnership with Origin Energy PNG since then to provide solar products to people in PNG.  In 2012, since its entrance into the market, the company's ovBeaconTM series products won the two First Prize winners for the 2012 Outstanding Product Award in this project. More information about the milestones and awards.

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