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Product Description

uChek: Lab Made Mobile is a smartphone-app based portable diagnostic system. uChek can perform routine urine analysis and specialised tests such as determining the albumin to creatinine ratio in urine as well as blood sugar test. This device consists of testing strips, a testing tray, and a smartphone application.

In the manual mode, the uChek app helps in the process of visual inspection by providing time-keeping and manual data logging functionality. In auto mode, the user has to order a uChek kit as well. In this mode, the app turns smartphone’s camera into dipstick reader which detects the color change and the medical condition automatically.

Target SDGs

SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being

Market Suggested Retail Price


Target Users (Target Impact Group)


Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Biosense sells the uChek directly to the customer. Interview with representative

Manufacturing/Building Method

The app has been created, and the trays are manufactued by Biosense. The test strips are sourced from outside locations.

Intellectural Property Type

Select Type

User Provision Model

User can procure uChek directly from Biosense. Interview with manufacturer As of August 2017, the uChek app is only compatible with select Android phones, and is not available for download from the Play Store. It is only possible to get the uChek app pre-installed with phones purchased from Biosense. Urinalysis reagent strips are available for sale through links within the uChek app and the Web application to manage your account. uChek is compatible with Siemens and Biosense dipsticks and may be able to be purchased at a local pharmacy.

Distributions to Date Status



Test strips

Detection sensitivity

The uChek urine analyzer was found to be accurate with 100% readings within +/- 1 color block of the urine test strip used

Indispensable equipment for function (Y/N)

Test strips, Biosense Android smart phone, uChek kit

Maintenance or calibration required by user at time of use? (Y/N)


Number of Tests Performed


Power supply type: Continuous, Recharging only (V, time required, battery life), Other

Smartphone battery

Time required for procedure (minutes)

30 seconds

Design Specifications

Features include: Multi testing platform: uChek is a semi-automated multi-test analysis system. It can perform the following tests all in one single machine A) 10 parameters routine urine analysis Glucose, Bilirubin, Ketone, Specific Gravity, Blood, pH, Protein, Urobilinogen, Nitrite and Leukocytes B) 2 parameter urine analysis for determining Albumin to Creatinine Ratio (ACR) C) Blood Glucose Cloud connectivity: It uses the communication functionality to communicate and integrate data with the user's preferred database. Results get synchronized whenever the software identifies an available mobile or wifi network. Users can also send the result to preferred email IDs. Active Surveillance: uChek analytics allows user to keep a track of test results through an online portal. Results can also be mapped and flagged for key indicators. Usage tracking, trend monitoring, and supply ordering can also be performed with this portal. Portability: Biosense claims that UChek is a portable and lightweight testing system. The system includes a carrying kit for use at point of care. Battery Backup: The device comes equipped with battery backup sufficient to run close to 40 tests without external power supply. uChek is based on the principle of reflectance photometry. The system consists of a reading device and a test strip. The test strips are designed in a way that the color of its test pads intensify or deviate in close correlation with the change in concentration of the analyte. uChek uses the smartphone camera as the sensor to detect this change in color on the test strips and determine the concentration of analytes with a high accuracy at par and many a times exceeding those of some existing laboratory bench-top systems.

Product Schematics

Technical Support


Replacement Components

Urinalysis reagent strips are available for sale through links within the uChek app and the Web application to manage your account. uChek is compatible with Siemens and Biosense dipsticks and may be able to be purchased at a local pharmacy.


The test strips are single use and an iPhone generally lasts three years.

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

To continue to provide affordable healthcare to all, without compromising on quality. In trying to achieve that we have always looked at the problems with a different lens

Vetted Performance Status

The results suggest equal and more than 95% accuracy with respect to both Dirui's strips used with the semi-automated urine strip reader and visual correlation. The uChek urine analyzer was found to be accurate with 100% readings within +/- 1 color block of the urine test strip used. It may be concluded that the accuracy of the uChek urine analyzer is comparable to the Uri-Plus 200 and other such commercially available semi-automated urinalysis machines. It has been concluded that the iPhone application uChek does not accurately detect dehydration mainly due to limitations of the urine strips. (International Journal of Exercise Science)



Complementary Technical Systems

Test strips, smartphone

Academic Research and References

S. Mohamed UCHEK: an affordable smartphone based point of care diagnostic system for a low resource medical setupAppropriate Healthcare Technologies for Low Resource Settings (AHT 2014), 2014 page 23

Ridings, CB; Adams, JD; Ganio, MS; McDermott, BP; Bougatsas, D; and Kavouras, SA FACSM (2013) VALIDITY OF UCHEK IPHONE APPLICATION ON ASSESSING DEHYDRATION FROM URINE SAMPLES International Journal of Exercise Science: Conference Proceedings: Vol. 11 : Iss. 1 , Article 35.

Technical specifications and accuracy of the uChek urine analyzer Biosense Technologies Pvt Ltd, 18th April 2013

Se-Hui Han, A novel design of urine test strip with spatially adjacent reference color chart Consumer Electronics (ISCE 2014), The 18th IEEE International Symposium on, 22-25 June 2014

Compliance with regulations


Evaluation methods

1) uChek was tested for accuracy against a commercially available semi-automated urine strip reader. The uChek system operated with Siemens 10SG strips was tested against negative and positive controls. Output was cross checked visually (n=20, each). To reduce experimental errors, the controls were also tested with Dirui 10P urine test strips marketed by Aspen Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd.   The results suggest equal and more than 95% accuracy with respect to both Dirui’s strips used with the semi-automated urine strip reader and visual correlation.   2) Evaluation of precision and reproducibility using two levels of control materials (Dirui Positive and Negative urine control) and comparison studies with urine samples, using uChek system on iPhone 4, 4S and 5 respectively Vs Semi automated urine analyzer machine Uri-Plus 200.

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