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Portable Network Kit (PNK)

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This device allows the user to create a Wi-Fi area to connect devices.

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Product Description

The Portable Network Kit (PNK), created by New America, is a Wi-Fi mesh network that can be configured by the user. The product’s website provides step by step instructions on how to connect the different parts and install the software for operation. One of the manufacturer’s main purposes is training people to create a PNK.

It can be used in two different ways: to provide internet to other devices or to allow them to connect between each other as an “island” connection. The intended application is for use in emergency situations where a regular connection would not be available.

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Manufacturing/Building Method

The construction process is explained in the guide and must be completed by the user. There are different required software and hardware. The required files can be downloaded from the manufacturer:

Intellectural Property Type

Open Source

User Provision Model

The parts that the device requires are delivered by different companies, which can be consulted here.

Distributions to Date Status


Design Specifications

  • Anyone with some computer skills and training should be able to use it.
  • No coding involved
  • People who have been trained should be able to train others.
  • There might be some tinkering with configuring the disk image, and some trial and error with naming and connecting the routers (covered on the available material and trainings)
  • Important: creating shared social protocols about how to use it and what kinds of data it should collect.

Technical Support

For problems with individual components, the manufacturers of each component should be contacted for support.

Replacement Components

Dependent on the source of the different parts


Dependent on individual part

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

Create a Wi-Fi connection area in order to provide internet or just an "island" mode connection between different devices.

Vetted Performance Status

Two qualitative reports on use contexts found that the PNK was usable in disaster-relief scenarios, among other applications:



Complementary Technical Systems


Academic Research and References

Munguia Tapia, E., Marmasse, N., Intille, S.S. and Larson, K., 2004, MITes: Wireless Portable Sensors for Studying Behavior, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, One Cambridge Center.

Compliance with regulations


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