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Rob Goodier

E4C Offers an Impressive Lineup of Speakers and Presenters at Impact.Engineered, Dec. 2

November 29, 2021

Editor’s note: This is an adaptation of a press statement available for immediate release. Our fifth annual forum will...

Rob Goodier

Five Questions for Allie Reiling at Caminos de Agua

November 22, 2021

A well designed water treatment system should be easy to forget. If the design merges science and simplicity, people...

Pallavi Bharadwaj

No More Access Denied: Providing Sanitation to India and 4.2 Billion Worldwide

November 19, 2019

Today is World Toilet Day celebrated by the United Nations and WASH practitioners all around the world. Growing up...

Rob Goodier

Future-proofing Water Systems in Developing Countries: A Q&A with Susan Davis

February 26, 2015

One hour was not enough time to field your questions from our most popular webinar to date, Future-Proofing Water...

Rob Goodier

Water Forever?

December 17, 2013

Water pumps have broken and failed at a staggering rate in Sub-Saharan Africa, but the right combination of technology,...

Rob Goodier

Rabbit Ceramic Water Purifier

January 20, 2013

Access to safe drinking water is a huge problem around the world. There are many solutions that have been...

Rob Goodier

Five Questions with Daniele Lantagne

November 14, 2012

Daniele Lantagne has spent more than a decade fighting against a long list of waterborne killers worldwide. Some notorious...

Rob Goodier

Video: Releasing trapped knowledge in the WASH sector

October 24, 2012

Solutions abound for treating water to prevent waterborne illness and save children’s lives. But information about them is harder to come...

Mike Mader

Releasing Trapped Knowledge in the WASH Sector: Empowering Residents to Implement Solutions

October 18, 2012

About this Webinar: The tragedy of human development is that every year millions of people, mostly young children, die...

Rob Goodier

Ten Low-Cost Ways to Treat Water

March 11, 2012

Having money helps, but clean water solutions for low- and middle-income countries don’t have to be expensive. Celebrities like Bill...


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