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Jessica Pothering

Tech4Dev: Bridging the field and the ivory tower

May 31, 2016

As relief agencies rallied shipments of supplies into disaster-struck Haiti in 2010, the question of what to do about...

Rob Goodier

A Plumber Without Borders: Five Questions with Fred Schilling

February 20, 2016

Fred Schilling installed a toilet with a closing flap in a home in Haiti and instantly changed a family’s...

Rob Goodier

Modular solar micro-grids light off-grid homes

November 7, 2015

Samuel Egbu used to pay 50 naira (US $0.32) to charge his phone battery in Umuagwu, a village in...

Rob Goodier

Earthquake-resistant Homes in Haiti

October 23, 2014

A new kind of housing program delivers two things that Haitians need in their earthquake-prone neighborhoods: Affordable design and...

Rob Goodier

Solar LEDs replace kerosene and lower household expenses in Haiti

February 1, 2014

Haitians see better health and lower costs when they use the “Luci” solar LED lamp, a new survey has...

Rob Goodier

Five Questions with Sasha Kramer

July 8, 2012

Sasha Kramer’s enthusiasm for recycling poop is contagious. After hearing from her, it’s not hard to imagine the need...

Mike Mader

Local Infrastructure Service Delivery in Developing Countries

February 22, 2012

About this webinar: This webinar will focus on the features of local service delivery of infrastructure projects in developing...

Rob Goodier

Workshops teach earthen block construction and land management for a sustainable future

April 19, 2011

Jim Hallock is teaching his compressed-earth block building techniques to people in Deslandes, Haiti to help them build a...

Rob Goodier

A plan in need of a donor: Solar laptop charging stations for Haitian schools

April 1, 2011

Update 8/2/2011: The students raised $25,000, enough money to outfit one of the Hatian schools with solar-powered laptop charging stations,...


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