Exploring challenges & misconceptions in scaling energy access in developing countries

About this Webinar:

In our increasingly connected world, 1/5th of the population still lack basic access to electricity. This energy challenge is massive – estimates upwards of US $100b have been made of what it would take to bring basic service to the remaining 1.4billion people. Those tackling this challenge however often view the problem with a lens colored by their experience in other fields. Energy engineers tend to default to building western style infrastructure; Appropriate Technologists believe that teaching communities to build their own wind turbine is the key; funders prefer to finance governments and philanthropists follow a  donation model of giving lamps to individuals, while most academics seem to be talking to each other rather than practitioners in the field.

Lumeter Networks has navigated these realities in the field and developed an understanding of the pitfalls related to certain models.  Their solution focuses on one of the main challenges of deploying small micro-grids in rural areas – managing relationships with people who spend $2/day on energy.

In this webinar, Mitra Ardron of Lumeter Networks will share the challenges, and some of the popular misconceptions that reduce the effectiveness in addressing the energy divide while highlighting pathways to inquire about the viability of projects.  Additionally, the webinar will provide an overview of design and deployment of Lumeter Network’s affordable pre-paid electricity meter and billing solution.  



Mitra Ardron is CEO of Lumeter Networks, prior to that he was Executive Director of Natural Innovation (naturalinnovation.org) which mentored and supported cleantech innovation for developing countries. In the past he has run a solar PV company that pioneered community purchase of solar in Australia and co-founded the Association for Progressive Communications (www.apc.org) which pioneered the internet into much of the developing world.

What attendees had to say about this webinar:

“Very informative on a way to create a suitable billing and payment stream”

“I respect the work that Lumeter does and the experience and insight that Mitra offers”

“Made me think of better ways to help get energy to the developing countries…”

“Mitra seemed very knowledgeable and passionate about his work and his company”

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