How You and Your Organization Can Benefit from E4C’s Impact Projects

Join us for a virtual information session to learn how you and your organization can benefit from E4C’s Impact Projects. We’ll hear from Impact Project partners about how the program expedited sustainability goals. We’ll also share tips about the application process for the 2024 cycle of projects and answer your questions.

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Achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals requires the collective capacity of the global workforce – especially the engineers. Annually, E4C’s Impact Projects match skilled and diverse early-career technical practitioners with organizations worldwide to advance their sustainability objectives and improve the quality of life of vulnerable communities. Co-designed with organizations ranging from academic institutions, non-profits, social enterprises, private sector, and multilateral agencies, Impact Projects deliver transformative support through research, human-centered design, and advancement of organizational workflows.

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Date: Tuesday, November 14th | Time: 11:00 AM ET

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Andra Stanciu is Strategic Market Research Lead at Hometeam Ventures who worked with Engineering for Change on the Automated System for Venture Funding of Affordable Housing Technologies Impact Project. Andra is a trained architect and has a second masters degree in economics and urban development: innovation and entrepreneurship. Throughout her activity as a consultant within the construction and development field, she’s worked on various projects on three continents and collaborated with a diverse network of actors: governments, local municipalities, investment funds, real estate developers, constructors, and designers. She co-founded SAAM Stad, a consultancy company advancing innovation for better cities. Andra is part of the European Union’s Experts for the European Green Deal. Additionally, she is a member of the Women2Invest Community, an initiative funded by the European Union supporting women within the venture investment world. She is passionate about shaping better living environments that are accessible to each one of us. In her free time she loves traveling, doing yoga, and exploring the world by trying different cuisines.

Daniel Dias is a Strategic Consultant with BamCore who specializes in helping organizations build and scale their Construction Technology operations using a people-centered framework. Daniel worked with Engineering for Change on two Impact Projects focusing on: ‘Developing the Product Roadmap for BamCore’s Digital Fabrication Platform’ and ‘Automating BamCore’s Panelization Process’.

Elizabeth Collins is E4C’s Program Associate overseeing the Fellowship program’s Impact Projects. She is a mechanical engineer with experience in manufacturing and industrial engineering, in procurement and commissioning of biochar equipment, and in research on sustainability and future roles in manufacturing. Passionate about global and sustainable development, she became an E4C fellow in 2020 and has been involved with E4C ever since.


Jonathan Kemp is a Program Specialist with Engineering for Change (E4C) and with the Engineering Global Development group at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). In this role, he leads the team delivering E4C’s Fellowship and Impact Projects. Before his work with E4C and ASME, Jonathan worked as the Technical Manager for Malawian NGO Eagles Relief and Development Programme, where he worked on projects involving solar energy, irrigation, and water supply for community development. He is passionate about community ownership of technology and the application of human- and user-centered design processes in the development of new technologies and implementation of technology-based projects by NGOs. Jonathan graduated with an MSc in Engineering for International Development from University College London in 2018 after receiving a BA (Hons) degree in Physics from the University of Oxford in 2017.

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    Good to hear about the impact webinars! Innovation comes through sharing and learning. E4C is a platform to bring ideas together and network with professionals.

    Thanks for organising the event!

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