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Recent Community Submissions

Using waste ceramic in RPC

I want to use ceramic waste in reactive powder concrete and to check the compressive strength of cylinder and also the splitting tensile strength. : Faseeh: I want feedback from the community on my contribution

Webinar: digitizing solar sales operations

TaroWorks is hosting a webinar with Solar Sister this Thursday Oct 5, to showcase how they completely digitized and centralized how they track their solar entrepreneurs and sales activities throughout Uganda, Tanzania, and Nigeria, and are using insights from the system to refine their business. Link for more info and to register: : elaine chang:

Modular habitation and medical facilities

As a multi-skilled engineer with over 40 years of experience and flair for design and problem solving I have been considering the use of shipping containers for some time now, over the past six months have developed a system of units that can be fitted out in an almost limitless number of ways with a bias towards humanitarian and disaster relief. The modules can be either “stand alone” or part...

Perfect Mason Mate

I have invented a new tool for the construction of brick walls. This new tool enables error free construction of brick walls even by laymen. This tool eliminates the use of a mason line and plum b-bob. The carbon footprint of a building constructed thus is reduced as the cement mortar saving is 50% when compared to the conventional methods. See the tool in action in the video below and...

Seeking: Work or volunteer position in engineering for global development

I can help in verious activitys where man power is required… And have experience in this field.. : RUSHIKESH JOSHI: I want feedback from the community on my contribution

A new nucleus for depressed urban redevelopment

Some people are calling this opportunity for charge diversity, The New Nucleus Plan, or “Atomic Diversity.” They call it “Atomic diversity” because like the nucleus of an atom needs balanced positive and negative charges (protons and neutrons) to survive, a community needs balanced positive and negative charges to survive. Atomic Diversity will make struggling communities brand new again. But what exactly is it? University students learn that people remember the...

Mentor available – Solar and other fields

I studying Mechanical Engineering, I have passion for help the people , Member of ASME and IEEE , I have experiences about leadership , Solar panel , Design program and Human resource : ADnan Arini: aorini16@gmail.comI want feedback from the community on my contribution: cover litter : I want feedback from the community on my contribution

Building a bridge

The bridge linking my community to the outside world collapsed since 2014 and everybody including older women and pregnant ones were cut off from getting medical attentions, and all. I am organizing to reconstruct the bridge. Please experts, what is the cost implication of constructing a bridge with H-Beam Pillars and other types of bridge. : St.kingsley uzoaru: saintkingsley@gmail.comI want feedback from the community on my contribution: Stranded-people-are-struggling-to-cross-to-Ndi-Ebe-Abam.-1 : I...

Design support for charcoal extrusion process

The social enterprise Appropriate Energy Saving Technologies Limited makes and sells charcoal briquettes from recycled agricultural waste in Uganda. Our biggest problem at the moment is that the shaft in the charcoal extruder wears out a lot. We have tried  case hardening and are now considering to buy another extruder that can make 1 ton of briquettes per hour or fabricate one with a better, stronger material. We are seeking advice...

Hydrokinetic river turbines for hydropower

Community contribution by Juliana Baumgartl We are a German small engineering team working on bringing sustainable access to energy to communities living in remote areas in developing countries. The company is pro-profit and our main product is a hydrokinetic river turbine. Editor’s note: Juliana Baumgartl supplied the following information to her post by email. Learn more about this product at Animation explaining the solutions: Peruvian project, electricity for households...

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