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Tech Stewardship Practice Program Registration Now Open

Training | By Engineering Change Lab

We’re pleased to announce that Engineering for Change is partnering with leading organizations to offer you the Technological Stewardship Practice Program (TSPP). Pre-registration opens on March 27th, the summer session will go live on May 1st, and the registration window closes on May 31st. The program consists of a series of simple reflective exercises that are designed to help you integrate socio-ethical considerations into your work or studies, and navigate the competing priorities...


Apply Now to the Colorado School of Mines Humanitarian Engineering and Science Graduate Program

Training | By Colorado School of Mines

Use your STEM training to make a difference for the people who need it most. The big challenges we face will not be solved by technology alone. They require a nuanced understanding of social systems and people. The Mines Humanitarian Engineering and Science (HES) graduate program trains students to work with the communities they seek to serve in order to create solutions that are sustainable and socially just.  The Mines...


Multiply Your Career Impact – Become a Global Engineer

Training | By University of Colorado Boulder Mortenson Center in Global Engineering

Apply by December 1, 2022 The world continues to change, and those with expertise in Global Engineering are needed now more than ever. Apply now for the Professional Master’s Program with the Mortenson Center in Global Engineering & Resilience at the University of Colorado Boulder and earn a Professional Master’s degree in Global Engineering or Global Environmental Engineering. The Mortenson Center is an established leader in global engineering education, research...


Humanitarian Water Engineering Online Intensive Course

Training | By Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research

Course offered by the Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research at York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada The Humanitarian Water Engineering Online Intensive Course offers participants an opportunity to gain essential knowledge and skills on safe water supply in humanitarian emergencies. This professional development course covers the theoretical fundamentals of, and practical considerations for, the design and operation of water supply systems in humanitarian response. Over the course of twelve weeks in Fall 2022, participants will engage in a...


Graduate Certificate in Global Engineering (Online) – Applications Open until April 1, 2022

Training | By CU Boulder

Earn a Graduate Certificate in Global Engineering Online Live Info Session: February 23, 10:00am MT Apply by April 1, 2022 Want a career in International Development? Earn a Graduate Certificate online from the Mortenson Center in Global Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder and learn from leading professionals and top researchers in development and humanitarian engineering. You will gain skills that go beyond technological design and development. Our Certificate...


Applications Open: University of Colorado Boulder Professional Master’s in Global Engineering and Global Environmental Engineering

Training | By University of Colorado Boulder Mortenson Center in Global Engineering

Apply by December 1, 2021 Applications are open for the Professional Master’s Program with the Mortenson Center in Global Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder. The deadline to apply is December 1, 2021. The Mortenson Center is a leader in Global Engineering education, research and practice. We train engineers to address the root causes of poverty and gain skills that go beyond technological design and development. The emerging field...


Recruiting entrepreneurs who empower women

Training | By Santa Clara University Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship

Deadline October 22 The Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship is accepting applications for their Women’s Economic Empowerment accelerator program launching in January 2022. The program supports social entrepreneurs who create models of success for women in their businesses. This means organizations that work with women as leaders, employees, value chain contributors, and/or customers. Do you know of any social entrepreneurs focused in this area? You can find more details of...


Humanitarian Water Engineering Intensive Course

Training | By The Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research at York University, Canada

The Humanitarian Water Engineering Intensive Course offers participants an opportunity to gain practical knowledge of the design, construction, and operation of water supply systems in emergencies. The course covers both the theoretical fundamentals and the practical considerations of providing safe water, from source to consumer, in humanitarian contexts. Over ten weeks, participants will learn about the many factors that need to be considered when designing water systems, including source selection,...


Workshop: Infusing Sustainability Into the Curriculum

Training | By VentureWell

Workshop: Infusing Sustainability Into the Curriculum The workshop will help faculty incorporate sustainability-focused student learning outcomes into their curricula using the Entrepreneurial Mindset and Engineering for One Planet frameworks. Faculty will learn to do the following: -Teach key sustainability concepts, tools, and frameworks online or in person. -Enhance existing courses by integrating environmental metrics and methods as well as social, business, and teamwork skills into online or classroom activities through...


Duke-UNICEF Innovation Accelerator Seeks WASH Entrepreneurs

Training | By Duke-UNICEF Innovation Accelerator

Are you a social entrepreneur working on sanitation and hygiene issues in Africa? If not, do you know terrific colleagues who are? The Duke-UNICEF Innovation Accelerator is recruiting its next cohort of social entrepreneurs, working in or across Africa, that deploy promising sanitation and hygiene products and/or services, innovative supply chain models, business models, or other approaches that have potential for widespread, sustainable impact. Ready to scale your innovation or...


Inclusive Innovation and Inclusive Business Online Training – Register by March 1, 2021 at Discounted Rate

Training | By MIT D-Lab

MIT D-Lab is offering two dynamic and interactive virtual courses on Inclusive Innovation and Inclusive Business featuring real-world case studies, guest speakers, in-depth discussions and networking opportunities. By the end of each course, participants will leave with a toolkit of practical frameworks and methods they can use in making their global work more inclusive and resilient. The courses are a great way to connect with D-Lab values and approaches, build your innovation...


COVID-19 Security Awareness Training for Employees (Brief)

Training | By A Professional Africa

Visit https://aprofessionalafrica.com/HomeCourse/courseDetails/122 for a 2 hour inexpensive training for ALL your employees anywhere in the world, especially Africa. MindEdge’s Security Awareness Online Training teaches employees to identify and prevent security breaches before they happen. For less than five cents per day per employee, your staff will have year-long, anytime, anywhere access to our highly-rated online security awareness training. This comprehensive training spans the facets of security awareness from in-office to...


UC Berkeley Master of Development Engineering – Apply by April 1, 2021

Training | By Blum Center for Developing Economies, University of California, Berkeley

Applications are open for UC Berkeley’s Master of Development Engineering! The Master of Development Engineering is UC Berkeley’s first professional degree committed to solving complex global challenges across the corporate, nonprofit, and government sectors. Graduates of the program will be: Empowered with the ability to develop scalable, sustainable approaches to complex societal challenges globally and locally. Equipped to design new sustainable solutions through technology innovations and social entrepreneurship. Enabled to contribute...


Green Entrepreneurship Massive Online Open Course

Training | By United Nations Development Programme

Do you want to grasp new business opportunities in the field of productive, circular and sharing economies? Are you interested in addressing environmental challenges by selling a green product or service and creating green jobs in your country? Would you like to create and launch an innovative business model that creates environmental and social value? The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Convention on Biological Diversity, EcoEnterprises Fund, FaithInvest, Fordham University’s...


PhD: Gender equity in humanitarian engineering education

Training | By University of Technology Sydney

Recent preliminary research into humanitarian engineering education has indicated a higher level of diverse participation than what is represented in the general engineering student cohort. In particular, gender participation has been seen to be at or near parity. This research will explore the underlying perceptions and motivations for students engaging in humanitarian engineering activities to understand this diverse participation. Extending on existing research that focuses on university student participation, this...


Phd: Developing authentic assessments in humanitarian engineering education

Training | By University of Technology Sydney

Humanitarian engineering is an emerging engineering field that is being incorporated into the engineering curriculum at the University of Technology Sydney by the rollout in coming years of a humanitarian engineering sub-major. This will build on and complement existing subjects such as Engineering Communication and others which focus on the development of skills in human-centred design, socio-technical thinking, sustainability, and other skills related to humanitarian engineering. However, such skills can...


PhD: Key skills in humanitarian engineering

Training | By University of Technology Sydney

The landscape of humanitarian engineering education in universities is rapidly expanding, with the number of programs in humanitarian engineering and related fields roughly doubling in the last decade. Ideally, these programs should equip students with the skills to be effective in humanitarian engineering work. But what are the key skills used in humanitarian engineering practice? And what skills learned in humanitarian engineering practice can be subsequently applied in mainstream professional...


PhD: A phenomenography of humanitarian engineering

Training | By University of Technology Sydney

Humanitarian engineering is an emerging engineering field that is becoming increasingly incorporated into university engineering curriculum around Australia and the world, with various institutions offering subjects, minors, and even majors in the area. However, there remain competing definitions and interpretations of humanitarian engineering, ranging from emergency disaster relief, to design under constraint, to a broad set of skills and approaches that can be incorporated in mainstream professional engineering practice. Phenomenography...


Humanitarian Engineering PhD Topics and Scholarships

Training | By RMIT University

Are you passionate about using design, engineering and technology for social change? Are you interested in advancing knowledge in the emerging field of Humanitarian Engineering? The Humanitarian Engineering Group at RMIT University has five new PhD topics open to interested candidates. The topics are: – Exploring application of emerging technologies in humanitarian and development contexts – Adapting participatory design approaches to the context of humanitarian design and engineering projects –...


Online Graduate Certificate in Peace Engineering at Drexel University (USA)

Training | By Drexel University

Drexel’s one-of-a-kind online Graduate Certificate in Peace Engineering combines STEM with conflict management to prepare you for a career in peacebuilding. Designed for engineers, government and military officials, and peacebuilding practitioners, the curriculum was developed in collaboration with the U.S. Institute of Peace and the PeaceTech Lab. You’ll learn how to integrate technology, engineering approaches, polices and the practices of peacebuilding into conflict resolution. PROGRAM FEATURES The three-course, nine-credit certificate...


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