October 27, 2022

Survey: E4C Benefits Careers in Engineering Global Development

Findings from our latest membership survey suggest that Engineering for Change benefits a global community working in purposeful careers and advancing social impact. From 2493 respondents, we gained new insight into who you are, what you do and why you use our services.

This survey updates our perpetual mission to understand you, and how we can improve to become more useful to you and your work. These are the highlights.

Who you are

More of our membership is based in India than any other country, followed by the United States.


As expected in engineering fields, more of our membership is male than female. We take that fact as a challenge to improve, and we are working to increase the participation of women and girls in all of our programs. That starts with our own ranks, and we can report that there are more women than men in our team and leadership.

Our members who responded to the survey also tend to be young and work in industry or academia.


Most respondents have a degree higher than a high-school diploma, and most work in engineering, business, architecture or education.

How you use E4C’s services

Engineering for Change has a positive impact on careers, the respondents said. We work to educate, train, and activate the international workforce, and will continue to make this our priority. The chart below shows the percentages of responses rated 0-5, in which 0 is no impact and 5 is high impact.

Those impacts, specifically, were to inspire new ideas, improve technical solutions, professional development training, improve project strategies and implementation and to enable new partnerships and collaborations.

Finally, we asked how you use our platform, and respondents listed the ways they use our services like this:

  1. Academic research
  2. Training
  3. General interest
  4. Identify potential collaborators
  5. Project implementation guidance
  6. Investment / due diligence

How can we help?

More data means more improvement and greater relevance to you. Please tell us how you use our services and what you’d like to see on our site and in our organizations. Share your recommendations by email, on social media or in the comments below.

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