July 3, 2012

Tweet roundup

We’ve rebooted our Twitter roundup to bring you a digest of notable tweets placed in their context. In this first installment, you’ll find notes on happiness and economic development, problems evaluating One Laptop Per Child, open source hardware and sustainable design principles.

You can see us retweet these and other interesting messages in 140 characters or less by following E4C on Twitter at @Engineer4Change. These are a handful of the tweets that mattered from June.

Happiness, not money, is the goal, says Bhutan’s Pime Minister Jigmi Y. Thinley. Bhutan created the famous “Gross National Happiness Index,” and Thinley made his comments in Rio de Janeiro at Rio + 20, the UN Conference on Sustainable Development that started June 20. Prime Minister of Bhutan “GDP… must be a part of the measurement system that we must develop… But the goal that human society must aim for, it is happiness. Everything that we do must lead to contributing and creating conditions that will enable society and individuals to pursue and find happinness,” Thinley says.

James Allen at the Harvard Business Review lists the three design principles that the successful global companies have used to gain their prominence.

Berk Ozler at the World Bank blog has an idea for how to improve the One Laptop Per Child program. “The reason I call this a mess is because I am not sure (a) how the governments (and the organizations that help them) purchased a whole lot of these laptops to begin with and (b) why their evaluations have not been designed differently – to learn as much as we can from them on the potential of particular technologies in building human capital,” Ozler says.

Water pollution from sewage is causing damage in India, says Sunita Narain at the journal Nature. The nation needs to complete its waste systems and reinvent toilet technologies.

Adafruit’s founder, Limor “Ladyada” Fried mentions her unusual business plan in an interview at the Rockefeller Foundation Centennial on June 26. Adafruit’s Twitter handle is actually @adafruit – @ladyada is an inactive test handle.

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