August 18, 2013

Tweet roundup: Kite wind power and community co-creation edition

Why low-tech mechanical hydro power can sometimes beat hydro-electric, how kite generators electrify off-grid communities and the details on a new contest to redesign the agricultural water pump number among the most interesting news tweets recently. For up-to-the-minute updates from E4C on Twitter, please follow us at @Engineer4Change.

Adele Waugaman at the blgo Best Practice in ICT4D: A Conversation, interviewed Danny Alexander and Sean Hewens of ICTWorks by Inveneo reprinted excerpts.

Ernestine Fu, author of Civic Work, Civic Lessons, makes the case.

Céline Tschirhart and Laurence Byrne at The Guardian rewrite the “give-a-man-a-fish/teach-a-man-to-fish” cliché.

Paul Polak tweets about Greenpeace’s agricultural pump design competition in India. The organization is looking for cleaner, cheaper technology to replace the diesel pumps in use now.

Low-Tech Magazine argues that direct hydro power that harnesses flowing water to perform a mechanical task can be more efficient and even improve upon hydro-electricity generation.

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