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Bright Box 2

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The Bright Box is a portable solar solution that offers an all-in-one capability to power 4 lights, mobile phones and other electronic devices.

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Product Description

The BrightBox developed by One Degree Solar, is a solar electricity system that powers phones, lights and virtually any USB device. The system consists of a solar panel, two bulbs and a main battery unit.

Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Bright Box is sold by Living Goods and other re-sellers and distributors.

Manufacturing/Building Method

Mass produced. Interview with representative

Intellectural Property Type

Patent Protected

User Provision Model

Bright Box can be purchased from local resellers and distributors. Sales and operations are primarily in Kenya, but One Degree Solar is expanding elsewhere in East Africa while developing partnerships with distribution partners in West Africa, South East Asia, and South America.

Distributions to Date Status

Over 20,000 products. Interview with representative

Description of power outputs

2 USBs and 4 DC outlets

Description of light points

4 LEDs

Total lighting service (lumen-hours per solar-day)


Peak power rating (Wp)

5 Wp

Battery capacity (kWh; mAh)

7,700 mAh

Nominal battery voltage (V)

12 V

Battery type

Lead acid

User replaceable battery (yes/no)


Remote system diagnostics (yes/no)


Payment structure


Mobile service required (yes/no)


Design Specifications

Design and Components

  • Built-in battery
  • 2 USB ports
  • 4 light ports
  • Charging indicator light
  • Waterproof solar panel with metal frame and 10m cable
  • USB cable for charging popular phones and tablets
  • Cable to charge commonly available radios that normally take D-cells
  •  2 ultra-bright light bulbs, with independent switches and 8m cables

Technical Support

Manufacturer offers free support via SMS, phone, and email.

Replacement Components

Designed so that parts most likely to require replacement can be locally obtained (ex. uses locally available motorbike batteries, 12V DC bulbs, and compatible with popular radios.


1 year warranty according to technology exchange lab, 2 year warranty according to Sollatek. No disposal information available.

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

Performance targets

  • 40 hours of light at full charge (2 lightbulbs at 20 hours each)
  • Provides more light per charge than any other tested product

Vetted Performance Status

Lighting Global verified the following quality standards:

  • Truth in Advertising: Accurate Labeling (e.g., rated run time, battery capacity, PV power)
  • Lumen Maintenance: 99% of initial brightness maintained over 2000 hours of operation
  • Quality: Passed basic durability and quality checks
Lighting Global found Bright Box to offer the following performance:
  • Autonomous Run Time (full battery) - 22 hours with 2 light points on
  • Lighting hours per solar day (PV only) - 5.0 hours with 2 light points on
  • Light output - 365 Lumens with 2 light points on


Be sure to follow proper electrical installation and control guidelines.

Complementary Technical Systems

Two light points included with product, but four light ports are available for expansion.

Academic Research and References


Compliance with regulations

Lighting Global Minimum Quality Standards.

Other Information


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