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Coconut Surveillance

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Coconut Surveillance is a free and open-source software designed to capture data about malaria cases.

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Product Description

Coconut Surveillance is an open-source mobile application designed by RTI International in collaboration with President’s Malaria Initiative. The app works by capturing data about malaria cases from health clinics via mobile phones. The information captured is shared with health workers that have access to GPS-equipped mobile devices, allowing them to map infected households and carry out treatment programs in a cost-effective way.

Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Manufacturing/Building Method


Intellectural Property Type

Open Source

User Provision Model

Healthcare workers and developers can clone the app from RTI International's GitHub repository, where the steps to install, run, and modify the app are available.

Distributions to Date Status

As of 2020, Coconut Surveillance had reported more than 9,500 cases and collected data from more than 400,000 household members.

Design Specifications

Coconut Surveillance is an open-source app designed by RTI International specifically for malaria control and elimination. The software guides health care workers through a case follow-up and active case detection protocol that aims to limit onward transmission and contain outbreaks. Malaria program supervisors can use the Coconut Surveillance app to monitor new cases and track case management in real-time. In addition to maps, charts, and tables with aggregated and case-level analysis, the software has built-in epidemic threshold detection and issue tracking to ensure the appropriate individuals take programmatic action in a timely manner. The app uses PHP for the Backend and JS with backbone for the frontend.

Technical Support

Provided by the developers.

Replacement Components




Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

This product aims to limit onward transmission and contain malaria outbreaks.

Vetted Performance Status

Research conducted by RTI International and the Zanzibar Malaria Elimination Programme determined that this solution has helped malaria surveillance officers in Zanzibar respond to more than 8,617 (84%) reported cases of malaria, complete nearly 10,245 household visits, test more than 36,185 household members, and identify and treat 2,032 previously unknown cases.


No known safety hazards are related to this product.

Complementary Technical Systems

A basic feature phone is required to report a case via SMS to the Coconut Surveillance database. Also, an Android tablet or mobile phone is required to run the Coconut Surveillance app.

Academic Research and References

McKay, M., Al-Mafazy, A., Ali, A., 2017, Using Mobile Technology to Facilitate Reactive Case Detection of Malaria. Online J Public Health Inform, 9(1).

McKay, M., Al-Mafazy, A., Ali, A., 2019, Evaluating Response Time in Zanzibar’s Malaria Elimination Case-Based Surveillance-Response System. Am J Trop Med Hyg, 100(2), pp. 256-263.

Compliance with regulations

This product is certified by the Ministry of Health of Tanzania, following the guidelines of the Zanzibar Malaria Elimination Programme.

Other Information

More information about this solution can be found in this video.

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