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Hospitainer is an organization committed to offering robust, low-cost and mobile medical services, especially for emergencies.

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Product Description

Hospitainer is a mobile containerized medical solution offering a customizable range of medical solutions such as maternal, dental and surgical services. It can be deployed on the ground, on wheels or on water depending on the nature of the need. It is designed by Hospitainer and currently commercialized, operating on 4 continents.

Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Manufacturing/Building Method

The containers are mass produced.

Intellectural Property Type


User Provision Model

The hospitainer can be obtained by directly contacting the manufacturer through their website.

Distributions to Date Status


Design Specifications

The hospitainer is designed as a mobile, semi-permanent hospital, customizable to the needs of patients in the area in which it has been deployed. It can be deployed on the ground, on wheels or on water. The hospitainer can be customized to incorporate a surgical unit, dental care unit, maternal ward and/or infectious disease control unit. Aside from conflict/disaster areas, the hospitainer can also be used in more stable environments to temporarily increase capacity.

Technical Support

A trained technician capable of making repairs to medical equipment is suggested to be on site during operations.

Replacement Components

Available by shipment. Hospitainer is usually deployed in disaster or conflict areas with replacements components.



Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

Hospitainer aims to offer the right medical equipment at the right time and at the right place focused to minimize human suffering.

Vetted Performance Status



Chances of contracting infectious diseases is commonly higher in and around hospital facilities.  Patients, visitors, and staff should take proper precautions to maintain a clean and protected campus.

Complementary Technical Systems

While Hospitainer offers various modifications or upgrades that include water filtration systems and solar power, the units should be placed near water and solar resources. Hospitainer offers also offers a variety container models that range from surgery theaters, to dental care, to infectious disease control.

Academic Research and References

C.B.E.M. Reusken, S.Pas, S.L. Smits, B.L. Haagmans, M.P.G. Koopmans, 2015, Achtergronden bij inzet Nederlandse mobiele laboratoria in West Afrika, Infectieziekten Bulletin, 26, pp. 242-245

Maassen, Y., 2017, Genomineerd: Beekpark Tandartsen Apeldoorn, Standby, 31(5), pp. 16-19

Compliance with regulations


Other Information

The full list of projects in which the hospitainer has been deployed can be found here

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