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Nuuva V300

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The Nuuva V300 is a long-range UAV for logistics and aerial cargo delivery of medical supplies.

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Product Description

The Nuuva V300 is a long range UAV for logistics and cargo delivery solutions, under development by Pipistrel projected to be released in 2023. This product is equipped with 8 independent electric engines and batteries. It is designed to be easily loaded by the front nose of the fuselage with the width of a standard euro-pallet.

Distributors / Implementing Organizations


Manufacturing/Building Method

This product is manufactured by Honeywell Aerospace.

Intellectural Property Type

Trade Secret

User Provision Model

This product can be obtained by directly contacting Pipistrel or by contacting the official dealer per region.

Distributions to Date Status

15 units have been ordered by Lobo Leasing after the agreement within this organization and Pipistrel.

Design Specifications

The front nose section of the fuselage is designed to lift, creating a loading opening the width of one euro-pallet (EPAL). Inside the Nuuva V300 a maximum 3 Pallets or a payload of 300 kg can be loaded and transported. The flight control system provided by Honeywell provides the aircraft with an autonomous flight planning control. The aircraft is equipped with 8 batteries and a hybrid-electric powertrain. This specification allows the aircraft to travel up to 300 km at its max. capacity.

Technical Support

Provided by the manufacturer.

Replacement Components



The product includes a 24 months/100 hours warranty.

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

Designer specified performance targets include: fully autonomous flight, 10 times lower operation cost than helicopters, simple dispatch and operation. It is specified to support up to 300 kg in a 3 m2 compartment and can travel 300 km with this capacity.

Vetted Performance Status



Potential hazards lie in the autonomous control system. The safety feature it includes is remote monitoring by an operator on the ground. Engines or battery failure are backed by certification of these crucial parts.

Complementary Technical Systems


Academic Research and References

Günther Schuh, Leonie Krebs, Laura Babetto, Benedikt Kniebel, Maximilian Spangenberg, and Eike Stumpf, 2022, “Technical And Legal Boundary Conditions For The Extension Of The Air Cargo Logistics Chain By Uavs Into The City Centre,” Deutscher Luft- und Raumfahrtkongress 2021.

Menichino, A., Di Vito, V., Dziugiel, B., Liberacki, A., Hesselink, H., and Giannuzzi, M., 2022, “Urban Air Mobility Perspectives Over Mid-Term Time Horizon: Main Enabling Technologies Readiness Review,” 2022 Integrated Communication, Navigation and – 

Tambi, Y., 2019, “Exergy-Gravimetric Design Approach to Determine Optimal Fuel Cell – Battery Hybrid Powerplant Configuration for All-Electric 2-Seater Aircraft: Hybrid Powerplant Design for Pipistrel Alpha-H2.”

Compliance with regulations

The manufacturer holds the following certifications: approval certificate SLO.DOA.002, design organization approval certificate EASA.21J.524, production organization approval certificate CAA-P-03, production organization approval certificate part 21G:SI.21G.0002, Maintenance organization approval certificate SI.145.27, repair station certificate URSCL-RSC-06, civil aviation authority of the UK, Bureau Veritas certification ISO 9001.

Other Information

Digital Model Video: Nuuva v300

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