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CommCare is a mobile data collection platform that enables non-programmers to build mobile applications for data collection, counseling, behavior change, and a variety of other functions.

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Product Description

CommCare is used to build mobile applications that are designed to support frontline workers across a variety of sectors in low-resource settings.

Frontline workers use CommCare to track and support their clients with registration forms, checklists, SMS reminders, and multimedia—all on Java-enabled phones or Android smart phones and tablets.


Market Suggested Retail Price


Distributors / Implementing Organizations

500+ projects in over 60 countries

Manufacturing/Building Method

CommCare was designed by engineers based in the United States, India, Senegal and South Africa.

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User Provision Model

Users can sign up for free on CommCare's website. The Android app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Distributions to Date Status

CommCare has about 20,000 active mobile workers and over 235,000 users total as of August 2018. Over 325,000 apps have been built with CommCare, though many may have been used for test projects. There are currently 935 CommCare project spaces that CommCare considers to be active, each of which can hold multiple applications.

Design Specifications

Main CommCare features:
  • Incorporate multimedia: CommCare supports video, audio messages, images, GPS and signature capture
  • Unlimited data storage: We offer unlimited data storage on our secure cloud server
  • Role-based account access: Grant various access levels to your data
  • Multiple languages: Build one app to support multiple languages
  • Two-way SMS messaging: Send and receive messages to your intended audience

Technical Support

Replacement Components




Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

  • Reduce maternal and child mortality
  • Agriculture training
  • Malaria prevention
  • Retail distribution

Vetted Performance Status

An analysis that summarizes current data from 140 FHW-supported projects revealed that CommCare is the most frequently used app-building platform.
ACIAR and AgImpact also wrote a report outlining learnings from several recent projects/campaigns using CommCare.
Community health workers in Tanzania's Ilolangulu village using CommCare have reported a significant improvement in their management of pregnancies.
The user rating on Google Play Store is 4.3/5.



Complementary Technical Systems

CommCare can be integrated with 1500+ apps through Zapier.

Academic Research and References

Svoronos, T., Mjungu, P., Dhadialla, R., Luk, R., Zue, C., Jackson, J., and Lesh, N., 2010, CommCare: Automated Quality Improvement To Strengthen Community-Based Health, Weston: D-Tree International.

Dayalu, R., Wacksman, J., Chen, M., Loudon, J. and Lesh, N., 2015, Adoption And Continued Use Of Mobile Technology: An Analysis Of CommCare Data, Procedia Engineering, 107, pp. 247-254.

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Flaming, A., Canty, M., Javetski, G. and Lesh, N., 2015, The CommCare evidence base for frontline workers.

Chawani, M.S. and Ngoma, C. , 2011, Use Of Mobile Technology To Support Provision Of Community-Based Maternal And Neonatal Care In Developing Countries, HEALTHINF, pp. 260-267.


Compliance with regulations

Standard, Pro, and Advanced plans currently adhere to HIPAA security plans. Dimagi is willing to assume liability and sign a "Business Associates Agreement" (BAA) for advanced software plans to assure HIPAA compliance.

Other Information

News and awards CommCare offers a compiled evidence base of over 50 studies of its impact. The Australian Centre of International Agricultural Research also released a report of two yearlong studies of CommCare’s impact across nine agricultural projects.

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