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Epilert is a wearable device for epilepsy detection supervised by doctors through artificial intelligence.

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Product Description

Epilert is a smart wearable device which uses advanced sensors along with Machine learning to detect epilepsy seizures, send alerts to caregivers, monitor sleep and physical activities. The device connects to a mobile application to sync data and send alerts. It detects seizures from the electrical activity of the body, the sensors transduce it into stress level. Currently the product is undergoing clinical trials.

Distributors / Implementing Organizations


Manufacturing/Building Method

This product is currently in the prototyping phase and not yet manufactured at scale, it is currently in clinical trials in Tunisia.

Intellectural Property Type


User Provision Model

The designers have not yet selected their user provision model.

Distributions to Date Status


Design Specifications

Epilert is a smart wearable device capable of transducing data in the form of electrical signals to stress level. The device functions with the help of a mobile application that can share the data with the healthcare professionals for the diagnosis.

Technical Support

Provided by manufacturer

Replacement Components

Replaceable components include the battery of the wearable device.



Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

Designer specified performance targets include detecting epilepsy seizures, sending alerts to caregivers, monitor sleep, and physical activities.

Vetted Performance Status

No testing has been completed


Users must take appropriate precautions when using the electrical wearable band.

Complementary Technical Systems

A reliable power source is required to charge this product.

Academic Research and References

Sasikala, R., Asuntha, A., & Indirani, S, 2016, Detection and prediction of seizures using a wrist-based wearable platform. Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 9(4), 3208-3215.

Ganesh Raam, K., & Sasikala, R., 2016 Detection and Prediction of Seizures using a Wrist-based Wearable Platform. International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications, 9(37), 193-203.

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Jory, C., Shankar, R., Coker, D., McLean, B., Hanna, J., & Newman, C, 2016, Safe and sound? A systematic literature review of seizure detection methods for personal use. Seizure, 36, 4-15.

Compliance with regulations


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