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Ambulance Drone

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Ambulance Drone is a drone designed for medical emergency response and supply delivery.

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Product Description

The Ambulance Drone is a prototype high speed drone that delivers Automated Defribrillators (AED) in the event of a cardiac arrest. The drone tracks emergency mobile calls and uses GPS to navigate to the emergency site. Using a live-stream webcam, the drone instructor or pilot can instruct on how to use the AEDs and provide instructions for giving emergency aid.

Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Unknown, as product is still in prototype phase

Manufacturing/Building Method

Drones are built with navigation and technology on an open platform. The drones are built using 3D printed micro-structures and carbon fiber frame construction.

Intellectural Property Type

Open Source

User Provision Model

The plan is to sell directly to customers as well as medical facilities and emergency response providers.

Distributions to Date Status

None, the product is still in prototype phase.

Design Specifications

The drone is built on a standard quadcopter driven by a GPS, pilot, or a combination of both. It is designed and built with a carbon fiber frame to keep the drone lightweight and is driven using electric motors powered by a battery pack. The drone has an embedded webcam with audio capabilities for live-stream connection to allow professionals to deliver instructions remotely.

Technical Support


Replacement Components

Battery pack



Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

The average successful AED usage by an untrained person is currently 20%, but the Ambulance Drone aims to increase successful usage to 90% by implementing personalized medical instructions and remote communication.

Vetted Performance Status

This product is still in the testing phase.


The ambulance drone is built with an embedded navigation system to avoid collision. It also features a webcam that provides a live feed to the controller as both a communication avenue and a safety precaution.

Complementary Technical Systems


Academic Research and References

Scott, J.E. and Scott, C.H., 2017, Drone Delivery Methods for Healthcare, 50th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.

Lennartsson, J., 2015, Strategic Placement of Ambulance Drones for Delivering Defibrillators to Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest Victims (Dissertation).

Goodchild, A. and Toy, J., 2016, Delivery by Drone: An Evaluation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technology in Reducing CO2 Emissions in the Delivery Service Industry, Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 61, pp. 58-67.

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