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Kiira EV Smack is a hybrid electric vehicle designed in Africa.

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Product Description

The KIIRA EV SMACK is a 5-seat front-wheel drive hybrid vehicle powered by a series combination of an internal combustion engine and a traction motor. The traction motor receives power from a rechargeable battery pack. It was designed and built by Kiira Motors Corporation in Uganda and is currently a prototype.

Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Manufacturer, Kiira Motors Corporation

Manufacturing/Building Method

The vehicle is said to be fully manufactured in Africa. There are plans to produce around 5000 vehicles per year once the plant is fully constructed.

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Distributions to Date Status

Still plans to produce but no actual distribution up to now

Design Specifications

The KIIRA EV is a Two-Seater Car with a Maximum Speed of 100 kph, a Range of 80 km, Dry Weight of 1000 kg, Powered by a 26 hp AC Induction Motor, with Zero Tail Pipe Emissions and Insignificant Powertrain Noise. Powertrain Performance (Hybrid Mode) Maximum Speed 140 kph Range (full tank) 500 km Maximum torque: 170 nm Peak Power 107 Hp/80 kW Acceleration Performance 1.60 m/s2 0 to 60 KPH in 10.5 s Gradeability 21% (120) at 30 kph Fuel Consumption (City) 25 mpg/10 kpl Fuel Consumption (Highway) 28 mpg/12 kpl   It is available with a Push to Start System and Smart Keyless Access Control System. it is equipped with a rear view camera enabling self-parking capabilities. A multimedia system and several displays are installed in the vehicle. The car is customizable according to customer requests.

Technical Support


Replacement Components




Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

Vetted Performance Status


Potential hazards linked with lithium batteries

Complementary Technical Systems

Charging stations when they are available

Academic Research and References

Korukundo, P., Stevens Tickodri-Togboa, S., Musasizi, P. I. , Kibalama, D., Madanda, R. and Tumwine, V., Development of the KIIRA EV SMACK Master Controller Logic, Adv Automob Eng, 2016

Compliance with regulations


Other Information


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