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Microsoft FarmBeats

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The FarmBeats project is an IoT Platform for data-driven agriculture

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Product Description

The FarmBeats project is an IoT Platform for data-driven agriculture. It uses several unique solutions including low-cost sensors, drones, and vision and machine learning algorithms to help increase farm productivity and reduce costs.

Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Microsoft, DJI and Slantrange

Manufacturing/Building Method

The solution uses components already available in the market: sensors, drones, cloud systems

Intellectural Property Type


User Provision Model


Distributions to Date Status

Pilot projects in the US and India. Potential pilot projects in DRC, China and New Zealand.

Design Specifications

The solution includes soil sensors, video streaming balloons, drones, local farm computers and the Microsoft Azure network.

Technical Support


Replacement Components




Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

“Availability: The platform should have negligible downtime.

  • Capacity: It should support sensors with widely varying requirements: pH sensors reporting few bytes of data to drones sending gigabytes of video.
  • Cloud Connectivity: Several farming applications, such as crop cycle prediction, seeding suggestions, farming practice advisory, etc. rely on long term data analytics.
  • Data Freshness: Stale sensor data from the farm can make applications suggest incorrect courses of action to the farmer.” (Vanish, D. et al)

Vetted Performance Status

FarmBeats supports high bandwidth sensors using TVWS, a long range technology. It uses a weather-aware solar-powered IoT base station, and an intelligent Gateway that ensure that services are available in the Cloud and offline. It also incorporates path-planning algorithms that extend drone battery life. (Vanish, D. et al)



Complementary Technical Systems


Academic Research and References

  1. Vasish, D. et al: FarmBeats: An IoT Platform for Data-Driven Agriculture.
  2. Lawless, Joe (2018): “Microsoft and the Future of AI“. MICCSR Case Studies. 12
  3. Kapetanovic, Z. et al (2017): “Experiences Deploying an Always-on Farm Network”. GetMobile: Mobile Computing and Communications archive. Volume 21 Issue 2, June 2017. Pages 16-21

Compliance with regulations

The solution uses unlicensed, long-range TV white space radio spectrum using FCC certified Adaptrum ACRS radios

Other Information

4. Chandra, R. “FarmBeats: AI & IoT for Agriculture: enabling affordable data-driven farming”

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