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WerlWind is a floating aerator, guided by a windmill, to add dissolved oxygen to pond water without electricity.

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Product Description

WERLWind is a non-submersible aeration system comprised of vertical axis wind turbines coupled to an impeller underwater using a renewable energy power source. Its primary role is to add dissolved oxygen to pond water through a continuous back and forth mechanical movement of enriched oxygen -water from the surface to the pond’s bottom.

Target SDGs

SDG 1: No Poverty

SDG 2: Zero Hunger

Distributors / Implementing Organizations

This product was tested with the collaboration of Wordfish NGO, and BRAC University in Bangladesh Interview with representative.

Manufacturing/Building Method

The product is designed by WETech, a team of engineers working with Professor Amy Bilton in WERL (Water and Energy Research Lab) Interview with representative

Intellectural Property Type


User Provision Model

The Model is designed and tested through WorldFish in ASIA and with the collaboration of BRAC in Bangladesh Interview with representative.

Distributions to Date Status


Size (m)

The size depends on the depth of the pond. For example, if it’s a shallow pond (5 ft), it would be 5 feet above the water and 3 feet below (8 feet in height). The span of the wind turbine scoops is about 4 feet give or take. The impeller is around 2 feet long and 8 inches wide Interview with representative.



Target species


Weight (kg)

The weight depends on the size of the pond.

Power source


Rate of water lift/mix


Dissolved oxygen (mg/L)


Control interface

The system ought to have a small starter motor to overcome the starting torque of the turbine Interview with representative.

Remote monitoring

No. The system has no complex electronics elements Interview with representative.

Smart device required


Design Specifications

WERLWind is composed of vertical axis wind turbines coupled to an impeller underwater using a wind power source. The vertical axis wind turbines capture the wind energy through the movement of its blades in the wind directions and return oxygen-depleted water from the bottom to the surface to be recharged with dissolved oxygen continually.

Product Schematics

Technical Support

Users receive technical support from the manufacturer and then continue the maintenance of their product on their own.

Replacement Components

The replacement components are very easy to get in stores and the turbine scoops or bearings or the impeller can be very easily replaceable. The customer can upgrade them so long as the shaft can support the extra loads from a bigger turbine Interview with representative.



Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

 The product increases green energy (wind power) and reduces carbon emissions by promoting sustainable farming methods, increasing yields for smallholder fish farmers in the developing world.

Vetted Performance Status

The system was tested with the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee BRAC, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) at the Bribie Island Research Center (BIRC), Australia. Those tests were done in Bangladesh and Vietnam.


Blades are made with solid material which can cause hazard if malutilised by the fish farmers or any customer.

Complementary Technical Systems

The customers can attend workshops organized by the manufacturers to learn about how to maintain the WERLWind Interview with representative.

Academic Research and References

Mahmudov, K., Mahmoud, A., Sur, S., Cruz, F. C., and Bilton, A. M., 2019, Feasibility of a wind-powered aeration system for small-scale aquaculture in developing countries. Energy for Sustainable Development, 51, pp. 40–49. 

Hargreaves, J. A., 2003, Pond Mixing. SRAC Paper  No. 4602, pp. 40–49.

Compliance with regulations


Other Information

The top prize in fish farming technology from CGEN global competition for inventions with social impact Winner of ISHOW 2018

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