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MomConnect is a South African National Department of Health initiative which aims to support maternal health through the use of cell phone based technologies integrated into maternal and child health ser

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Product Description

MomConnect provides important information to pregnant women, mothers and health care workers and produce strategic information for Maternal and Child Health programmes.

MomConnect has three (3) main objectives:

1) Register each pregnancy at a government health facility;

2) Send stagebased, personalized short message service (SMS) texts to each mom in the registry;

3) Allow women to engage with the health system through help desk tools and feedback services.

*  The services are free to the user, and messages are all 11 official South African languages.

Check out this video about MomConnect.

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Manufacturing/Building Method

Software Development.

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User Provision Model

Users can dial a free USSD number  ( *134*550# ) and their details will be held in a subscription database.

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Design Specifications

  1. Subscription - Pregnant women are able to subscribe to a messaging service which gives them useful information and encourage them to register their pregnancy at the Ante Natal Clinic. To this they dial a free USSD number and their details will be held in a subscription database.
  2. Registration - Women attending the Ante Natal Clinic are registered on a central database using a similar USSD Number to the subscription method. Health care workers at the facility will assist women with registration.
  3. Messaging - A number of messages have been developed through consultations between The Department of Health, Health Experts and other organisations with maternal and child health expertise. Messages include antenatal care and accessing care in labour, Diet and Nutrition, Non-pregnancy related Infections, Hypertension, New-born care, Breastfeeding and Immunisation. The messages are tailored to when a women registers, for example a women registering at 19 weeks will receive a different scheduled than a woman registering at 34 weeks. All messages are translated into the 11 South African official languages.
  4. Service Rating - The day after registering at the clinic a pregnant woman is prompted to fill in a survey on their phones by dialling a free USSD number.
  5. Compliments and Complaints - Pregnant women, who are registered on the service, are be able to send a complaint or compliment via SMS.

Technical Support

To report a technical or security issue, please contact techsupport@praekelt.org.

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