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A desktop-based app that uses eye movement data to assess reading performance.

Developed By
  1. Gabriela Galilea
Tested By
  • Columbia University
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Product Description

Okimo is a diagnosis and therapy app that uses an eye tracker for early screens and treatment of children that present abnormalities in eye movement that are affecting reading performance. 

Target SDGs

SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being

Market Suggested Retail Price


Target Users (Target Impact Group)

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Public Sector Agencies

Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Okimo Vision LTD, located in the United Kingdom.

Manufacturing/Building Method


Intellectural Property Type

Select Type

User Provision Model

Direct sales and subscription fees for the software at its website.

Distributions to Date Status

As of 2021, 11 schools from India, Philippines and Paraguay obtained the app, and 5 optometric centers from the UK.Interview with manufacturer

Number of tests for procedure


Time required for procedure

10 minutes

Diseases detected

Strabismus, Cross-eyed

Type of technology used for test

App plus an eye tracker

Design Specifications

The system is based on an Eye Tracking device, which is a sensor that monitors the progress of the eye muscles’ movement while the patient is reading or playing in the app. The biometric data obtained is processed to provide the following parameters related to reading performance: words read/minute, number of stops on each word, number of times the reader goes back, reading speed, reading difficulties and more. A predictive model provides statistical indicators of the improvement of reading ability. The system aims to provide remote eye therapy in low resource settings, since the current number of optometrist cannot cover the demand.

Product Schematics

Technical Support

Provided by manufacturer.

Replacement Components




Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

The app should be playful and easy to use as it is intended for children. Specifications for the mockups design are unknown.

Vetted Performance Status

From a pilot in Barrio San Francisco, Paraguay, the manufacturers found, after a therapy session with Okimo on each child, that 16% of the sample presented visual problems, 55% of the children could’t clearly read words or letters, and that 22% had a slow reading speed.


Okimo app presents no risk for the electronic equipment or the children that use the software. The non-invasive sensor to track the eye movement doesn’t represent a hazard either.

Complementary Technical Systems

Laptop and eye-tracking sensor

Academic Research and References

NoneInterview with manufacturer

Okimo Vision LTD, United Kingdom Goverment

Okimo, Github

Okimo, CONACYT, 2017

Ciencia del Sur, “Okimo, emprendimiento científico de exportación“, 2017

Central vision opticians, “Visual Tracking – The hidden cause of poor reading skills“, 2018

Compliance with regulations

All eye trackers have been tested and approved by certified labs according to the European standard for optical radiation hazards of different lamps and lamp systems, IEC/EN 62471. Light emission that meets this standard is not harmful to the human eye.Interview with manufacturer

Evaluation methods

Pilot studies in 3 different countries (Paraguay, Philippines and UK) with more than 500 children, presenting results about the prevalence of visual problems, the children’s reading speed, and difficulties to read words or letters.Interview with manufacturer

Other Information

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