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Partners for Development Taxi Service

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Partners for Development Taxi Service is a transportation system for service in rural Cambodia.

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Product Description

Partners for Development Taxi Service is a transportation system for rural Cambodians that links various villages to each other and to hospitals for emergency/mass transport. A motor bike, called a Remorque, pulls a 5.25 m2 cart that can fit about 25 people to the nearest desired location (usually a hospital or healthcare center).

Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Partners for Development, through local government management and local private sector transport providers.

Manufacturing/Building Method

Intellectural Property Type


User Provision Model

If an end user or an end user's community pays the 1 USD monthly fee, they can have unlimited access to the transportation service.

Distributions to Date Status

Unknown. The scheduled route of the service results in about 4 uses every day per product. Interview with representative

Design Specifications

Specifications: The transport network that PFD and local communities developed worked much like a public bus system. Families paid a low fixed monthly rate in exchange for regular transportation to schools, markets, health facilities and other popular destinations. Managed by the community, the system sought to leverage the high demand for inexpensive transport to create a strong incentive among community members to keep the system running for ante-natal care. The service includes a motor bike, called a "Remorque", which pulls a large cart to the desired destination. Cart dimensions (LxW) (cm): 350 x 150 (roof height not given, but can be comfortably sat under)

Technical Support

Partners for Development oversees their entire operation and analysis.

Replacement Components

Some parts of the cart are repairable.



Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

Partners for Development plans to provide 24 hour access to transportation in rural villages that otherwise would not have access.

Vetted Performance Status




Complementary Technical Systems


Academic Research and References

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